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T4C Server List


  • T4C Server List

    Here is a list of all official servers :

    Details about the servers :

    Abomination T4C Abomination T4C
    Link: Abomination
    Location: USA
    Version Running: 1.68RC11
    Cost: 100% Free to play
    Language: English / French
    PVP drops : 100% items
    100% gold
    10% xp
    PVM drops :
    10% items
    10% gold
    10% xp
    Paid features :
    See server website

    Amalgame Online - Memoria Amalgame Online - Memoria
    Link: http://memoria.amalgame-online.com
    Location: Quebec - Canada
    Version Running: 1.63
    Cost: Free all time and 10$CAN/month, 26$CAN/3 months, 42$CAN/6 months, 60$CAN/12 months for acces to new section and addon made in memoria
    Language: French
    Notes: Payments can be done via Paypal, or check. We accept Euro $ check.

    Die 4te Offenbarung Die 4te Offenbarung
    Link: http://www.d4o-ag.de
    Location: Germany
    Version Running: 2.00 Ren. & 1.70
    Cost: Free to play up to level 7 / 1 Mon. 9,49� / 3 Mon. 8,99 � / 6 Mon. 8,49 / 12 Mon. 7,99 / 25% discount for a second account - look at HP for details
    Language: German
    Notes: 2 different Servers / 1 RPG with colosseum / 1 RPG non colosseum - Extras: ingame online mule system, ingame trading system, 4 & 5 Seraph without GM Help, 4th Island (Chronland) with 2 large Quests for Good/Evil to gain access to this isle, new graphics, new bosses, new monsters, new spells, new items, new maps, lots new Quests for all isles, 4 new Dungeons, all major cities have now streetnames, new areas on islands, guildisle with entrence to rentable guildhouses. For accounting details, please visit the forum or the the homepage

    Grapevine Grapevine
    Link: http://www.the4thcoming.net/
    Location: Southern California, Santa Clarita, USA
    Version Running: 1.61a
    Cost: $9.50/month or $51.00/year
    Language: English
    Notes: Player Profiles, Most Wanted List (This is a PVP/PK rank), Guild Ranks, Offline Market, Offline House (= offline mule), Offline Name Change, Offline Name Search, Possibility to turn pvp on or off, 6 chars/account, 4th isle with new monsters/items/spells/quests and X3 Seraph re-do (you can reseraph an X3), Robe and Armor creation quests, VIP area for paying players, free on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

    Havoc Reloaded Havoc Reloaded
    Link: Havoc Reloaded
    Location: USA
    Version Running: 1.71
    Cost: Server Free
    Language: English
  • Server FREE
  • Possibility to purchase x1 ,x2,x3 Seraph Characters, and Differents paid features.
  • The server is PvP / FUN / XP orientated .
  • Active pvp on at level 25, lvl range100. - 15% PvP Lost Gold/backPack - 15% PvM Lost Gold/backPack/XP
  • x4 rebirth, 4th Island Access Done ,and 5th Island Done also. 6Th Comming soon.
  • Storage Chests Online (enc. 700)
  • New content is currently being added such as new items, monsters , quests, and V2 graphics.

  • NMS - La prophetie des Dragons NMS - La prophetie des Dragons
    Link: nightmaret4c.com
    Location: Quebec - Canada
    Version Running: 1.71 (NMS Specific)
    Cost: 100% Free to play
    Language: French
    Notes: One of the most popular french servers, full of new quests, items, spells, monsters, graphics, systems as the guilds system, the craft system or the auction house system. This is a roleplay and fun oriented server with a nice and welcoming community animated by a professionnal staff.
  • Server totally free. You can access to everywhere and everything except goodies (features as personnal houses that don't affect the game in any way) without spending a dollar.
  • Possibility to purchase seraph characters (x1 to x6) and different paid features that can be reached on free acess with quests.
  • Be free to discover the game without any threat from other players until you're level 20.

    Just give it a try, we're waiting for you !

  • Realmud RealMUD
    Link: Realmud
    Location: USA
    Version Running: 1.71
    Cost: Free & VIP membership
    Language: English
    Notes: RealMUD is a free to play server.

    VIP Players get access to special content:

    • 4th Seraph
    • 4th Island
    • Vip Areas
    • Vip Events
    • Vip Miracle Stone

    The 4th Saga The 4th Saga
    Link: Saga
    Location: USA
    Version Running: 1.71
    Cost: Free
    Language: English
  • 100% FREE to play
  • New-player friendly
  • 3x Seraph maximum

  • No EQ drop, Full PVP range
  • Over 20 new spells
  • Over 170 new pieces of equipment
  • Over 50 new monsters
  • Over 40 new quests
  • Completely new 4th Island
  • New BattleMage class
  • Revolutionary new gameplay features such as Quickbuff which allow you to set a list of buff spells and cast them all at once with 1 macro
  • Weekly events and more...

  • An official list from Dialsoft is also available from here.

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      Main Quest Sub Quests Go to       The Crimsonscale Letter Mercenary Leader Quest Prologue Tome of Arcane Knowledge Arakas Quests Harvester of Life Raven's Dust Quests Plane Walking Quest Stoneheim Quests Obsidian Conclave Oracle Walkthrough Karma Tips The Crimsonscale Letter This is a huge quest so we have split it in 3 parts. Follow the links below to move to the relevant section: Arakas Raven's Dust Back to Arakas Arakas Go to Lighthaven temple and speak with Kilhiam. She will give you a letter (double click in inventory) that says the following: Dear Friend You may find this letter a little odd and I apologize, but the matter is of utmost importance and before you embark on your journey I would like you to fully understand the situation in which you have been forced into. From this day forth, your life will never be the same. I cannot explain everything in this letter, but I strongly recommend that you see who goes by the name of Efnisien. He lives in a small house east of the temple of Lighthaven. Meet with him and he will explain what must be learned. Crimsonsacle Head to Efnisien's house located east of Lighthaven Bank and go to the second floor. As soon as you click on him, 3 Assassins will appear. Kill them and click on Efnisien again. Say "Guards", "Assassins", "Olin Haad", "Under siege", "Something", "Services", "Refused", "Visit", "Letter" and you will learn about Olin Haad and the heartstone. Efnisien also mentions that you must speak with Olin Haad and if you want Olin Haad to pay attention to you, give his guards a beating or two. Say "Bye" and head to the Lighthaven Cave and find Olin Haad's castle. Click on the castle's door and you will be teleported inside the castle. Follow the red carpet and you will find Olin Haad. Try to speak with him and if he refuses, go outside the castle and kill about 20 of his guards. Return and talk with him. Say "Seeking", "Fight" and you will be teleported to a room with 4 Olin Haad Elite Guards. Guards will die from your "body energy" and you will be teleported back to Olin Haad. In this point you will receive the Wrath of the ancients aura. Continue the dialogue with Olin Haad, saying "They", "Harbinger", "Prophecy", "Seeds", "You", "New breed", "Answered" and you will learn about the prophecy, the Harbinger of Death and his seeds. Olin Haad will also mention that you must find Gunthar and warn him that he will not leave Lighthaven in peace, until he gives him what Gunthar has promised him. Head back to Lighthaven temple and click at the door behind the throne. You will teleported inside the small room. Go down to the dungeon and find High Priest Gunthar Say to him "Demands", "Stone", "Merchant", "Wait", "Necromancer", "Corrupters of Gluriurl", "Battle of Emanations", "Harvesters of Life", "Dragons", "Completely", "Theodore XIII", "Heartstone" and you will learn about the cult of Gluriurl, the heartstone and that he sold the heartstone to a merchant. Now say "Yes" to accept helping Gunthar find the heartstone. Say "Looking" and he will tell you to search in Windhowl. You will also receive 1000 gold pieces and 10000 exp points. Continue the dialogue by saying "Nomad" and he will tell you that that's the merchant sign. Head to Windhowl and search for the Merchant Guild located left from the weapon store. Find Guild Leader Ethan and say "Nomad", "Misfit", "Aggressive", "Bargain", "Heartstone" and he will tell you more about the merchant. As soon as you mention the heartstone to him he will tell you that he has a problem and he cannot spend his time speaking with you. Say "Problem", "Duties" and he will tell you about the debts of Urik the tailor. Say "Mercenaries", "Task" and you will accept helping Ethan to get the money that Urik owes. Head to Urik's house, located west from the Windhowl tavern. Go upstairs and say to him "Simpleton", "Discuss", "Bargain". He refuses to give you the money he owes. He will call for help and 3 Thieves will appear. Slay them and speak again with Urik. He will give you 1000 gold pieces (the money he owes to the merchant guild). Head back to the Merchant Guild and talk with Guild Leader Ethan again. Click on him, say "Money" and he will take the money. You will also be rewarded with 40000 experience points. Say "Nomad", "Lesson", "Suspect", "Obsidian conclave", "Help" and he will tell you that he suspects that Urik and Nomad work together. Say "Keys" and he will give you a set of keys that he obtained from Urik's house. He will mention also, that he believes, one of those keys will open Nomad's house. Say "House" and he will tell you that it's located somewhere in the south part of the town. Head Southwest and search to find the Nomad's House. It's located beside the Windhowl walls. Click on the door, Nomad's house key will disappear and you will be teleported inside the house. Go upstairs and open all four chests. In one of them you will find a small key. Go to the second floor and open both chests and you will find Owain's letter. Click again on chest and you will find 1000 GP, hidden underneath a fake bottom. The letter says (double click on inventory): Dear Nomad We have finally found the accursed crypt that you have been seeking all those years. Last week I sent a team to retrieve the relic that you have asked, but they never returned. I told Urik about it and he forced me to send another team, which only one of my men returned with his arms gnawed off! I am calling this whole thing off. You may do as you like, but I'm not sending anyone else into this God forsaken place! I'll wait at the druid camp in the northeast part of Arakas for ten days. If for any reason I hear you bring Urik with you or you don't meet me there, I'm gone. Owain Head to the Order of Nature (Arakas Druid's Camp) and find Yrian Earthsong located in the house east from Stonehenge. Talk to him and he will ask if you are the traveller sent by the Winds to help them. Say "Yes", "State", "Resistance", "Nomad" and you will learn about the disappearance of the Great Father and the sickness caused by the Nomad. Continue the dialogue saying "Staff", "Commander" and you will learn that he can cure the sickness if he had his staff. But Nomad, ordered his commander to take the staff. He will also mention that Nomad's force's has camped southeast from the Druid's Camp, near the river. Head southeast, find and kill Commander Owain and his minions (Olin Haad Soldiers). Attention: Commander Owen and his guards aren't easy in low levels. Try to find a party to help you or be sure to carry a lot of healing potions. Once Commander Owain is dead, you will receive Solinae's staff. Head back to Yrian's Earthsong house and click on him. Yrian will take his staff and you will receive 75000 exp points. Say "Nomad" to him and he will mention that the Nomad was looking for a crypt. Say "Crypt" and he will tell you that the way to the temple is near a small settlement somewhat far west from here. You will also receive the Guardian Ring of Vitality and Gem of Vitality. Head to the Gypsy Settlement located southeast from the bridge to the caves (Cursed Valley). Find Gypsy (a female character) and talk to her. Say "Traveller", "Seer", "Nomad" and she will say that she will help you find the Nomad. Before that he will ask you some questions in order to attune himself with your aura. Answer "Yes", "Yes", "Giver of Life" and he will say that she has found the Nomad that you are looking for. She is in the ancient temple of a dead god called Gluriurl. The temple is located on an island that was separated from the mainland by a large body of water during the god's downfall. To reach this island, you must travel through a cave that lies north of here. Head north and find Nomad's Crypt. Enter it and go north. Find the exit, enter and you will end up in a island with dead trees (great graphs). Head east until you find a big house. Enter and head east to find the crypt entrance. Enter the crypt and make your way north to the Altar. You will see an Altar, a portal and two whirlpools. Enter the whirlpool on the right and you will end up at the Tomb of the Fallen. Search the crypt for Fallen Warriors (located at the north part of the crypt). Kill them until they drop the Corrupted heart. Pick it and enter the portal behind them. You will be teleported back to the Nomad's Crypt near the Altar. Now enter the whirlpool on the left and you will end up at the Cave of Corruption. Find the well filled with snakes. Click on it and you will collect the Blood of Gluriurl in a bottle. Then enter the portal near the Altar and you will once again teleport back to the Nomad's Crypt near the Altar. Touch the Altar and the heart of Gluriurl will began to pulsate, causing the portal to shimmer in answer. Step inside the portal and your vision blurs briefly... You will end up in the Darkstone Crypt. Go northwest and you will find a ribcage. Click on it and you will receive the Darkstone, 125000 experience points and the following message: A dark stone floats in the air where the heart should be. With great care, you take the dark stone and replace it with the Heart of Gluriurl. The Gypsy's voice enters your head: [Player name]! You must come see me, I have something important to show you! Return to Gypsy and click on her. The Gypsy will mention that she feels the presence of a Darkheart on you. Say "Darkheart", "Dreams", "Decaying Corpse", "Plan", "Sacrificed" and you will learn about the cursed Darkstone, the Gypsy's strange dreams, and your new task. You must bring the Darkstone to the temple of Artherk in Lighthaven. Say "Something" and he will offer you three items to choose from. The items are the following: - Amulet of Renewal and the Gem of Renewal - Amulet of Regeneration and the Gem of Regeneration - Trueshot's Quiver Make your choice, and head to Lighthaven Temple. The door that leads to High Priest Gunthar is locked. You will receive the following message: The door is locked but there is a note on it. The note reads: [Player Name], I apologize for not being there to meet you, but I had urgent matters to attend to. If you wish to know where to find me, talk to the priests in the temple. Go speak to Brother Kiran. He will ask you if you came to see the High Priest Gunthar. Answer "Yes" and he will tell you that he called a meeting of his own with the head of their order and that it seems he had some important things to discuss with him. Say "Important things", "Town hall" and he will tell you to search for him at the big building a...
      05-22-2017, 11:33 AM
    • T4c Maps
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    • Seraph points
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    • Server News
      We at Dialsoft have been busy once again working on our webpages.
      This round of changes brings us a few more things.

      We have added a new support website!

      T4C Support System

      You can access it from any of the support links on t4c.com...
      05-01-2014, 08:56 AM
    • T4C Server List

      Here is a list of all official servers :

      For a more detailed description, please click this link to "Read more"

      04-24-2014, 12:28 AM