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    If you want to obtain the "invisible" appearance of any monster, simply add 1000 to the ID of that appearance; if you want the corpse appearance, add 5000 to the ID of that appearance. If your looking for the TRuly hidden appearnce or ability, see your HGM for that.

    Official Name Graphic ID
    NPC Swordsman
    NPC Mage (grey)
    NPC Human Priest
    NPC Thief
    NPC Human Peasant
    NPC Human Guard
    NPC Mage
    NPC Female Peasant
    NPC Priest
    NPC Warrior
    Player Puppet Male
    Player Puppet Female
    Monster Goblin (red)
    Monster Bat
    Monster Rat
    Monster Kobold
    Monster Ooze
    Monster Brigand
    Monster Spider
    Monster Orc
    Monster Zombie
    Monster Green Troll
    Monster Mummy
    Monster Skeleton
    Monster Demon
    Monster Minotaur
    Monster Beholder
    Monster Small worm
    Monster Big worm
    Monster Tree ent
    Monster Snake
    Monster Unicorn
    Monster Centaur
    Monster Horse
    Monster Pegasus
    Monster Scorpion
    Monster Kraanian
    Monster Atrocity
    Monster Nightmare
    Monster Dragon
    Monster Wasp
    Monster Dromadary
    Monster Pig
    Monster Ori
    Monster Tarantula
    Monster Kraanian flying
    Monster Kraanian milliped
    Monster Agmorkian
    Monster Kraanian tank
    Monster Taunting horror
    Monster Human mage
    Monster Atrocity boss
    Monster Goblin boss (red)
    Monster Thief
    Monster Swordsman (black)
    Monster Priest
    Monster Wolf
    Monster Black Wolf
    Monster Skraug peon
    Monster Skaven shaman
    Monster Skraug skavenger
    Monster Skraug warrior
    Monster Centaur warrior
    Monster Centaur archer
    Monster Centaur shaman
    Monster Centaur king
    Monster Skeleton Servant 1
    Monster Skeleton Servant 2
    Monster Skeleton King
    Monster Lich
    Monster Skraug peon Moon Tug
    Monster Skraug shaman Moon Tug
    Monster Skraug skavenger Moon Tug
    Monster Skraug warrior Moon Tug
    Monster Skeletal Centaur
    Santa * (before 1.24 ver)
    Draconian Warrior * (1.25 ver only)
    Draconian Shaman * (1.25 only)
    Draconian Leather Warrior * (1.25 only)
    * Not sure about the official names
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