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  • Saga.

    So I was very bored today, and I logged into Saga, new character level 1. running around questing and leveling, talking to people, the Server looks really good. it could use a little more pvp in my opinion BUT that is why I threw this post out here. I am hoping Mavrick, Fanatic, Surgio 69, the Faust gang, the guys think you can pvp? obviously pvp drop rules are different on Saga than on Abomination, but PVP is still solid even with lesser loss.

    Come and compete, I'm level 8 human but I'm leveling fast lol, come compete to win, of all the people who show up new and work for it, the first of this group will get $100 in T4CGold. I challenge you, be the first to 2x level 120 and I will personally credit y our T4CGold Account.

    Challenge is on! btw I am not exempt from this competition and I am now level 8, I do work 12 hours a day 6 days a week right now, but I'm still going to out level you all but if you think you can beat me out, then come get paid.

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    So I was very bored today
    I do work 12 hours a day 6 days a week right now
    Pick one


    Est solarus oth mithas


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      Stop watching Bible and come play Stinga, you'd enjoy yourself! Let's go guys.

      Saga Awaits you!


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        actually 2 good come backs in this post haha.


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