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This is how t4c SAGA welcome back their players

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  • This is how t4c SAGA welcome back their players

    Saga great place to play for new comers.


    Join there for very friendly players and staff. They will help you out.
    Last edited by nitsu; 10-06-2016, 12:04 PM. Reason: I was wrong.
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    Now I find this funny actually why don't you tell the whole story?
    2015-02-16-134422Player Nitsu said in public channel Main: and now i'm in jail lol
    That is February 16th 2015, and its not October 5th 2016. So you were jailed for some reason back in eary 2015 and you expect a gm to remember you?
    My guess was the issue was resolved and the gm team moved on.

    This here had nothing to do with how saga welcomes back players.
    You can either complain and be part of the problem or help and be part of the solution.


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      While I may be biased because I've played with Nitsu before and happened to log on 4ge since Abomination is done, I walked in on the mains being blown up. From what I saw he wasn't doing anything and really was speaking the truth. Everyone was on his a** because he had pvp'd someone. While he was a bit sarcastic towards the GM's because they were threatening shouts being removed, I didn't really see what was justifying being jailed or shouts taken away for having conversation in the main CC. With 15 players online it was pretty nice actually seeing people talking, but they were basically like shut the hell up or we're taking your shouts. From what I saw he is like in his level 40's so it's not like he has a finished character walking around lh dungeon 1 shotting noobs.
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        I'm in the wrong. Sorry bible.


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          i join saga before some years with my teamates. the welcome of me and my teamates because we like pvp and we pvp( i mention we not break any pvp rule) was that a whole server attack us with words. and GM's make events when we wasnt online. when any of my teamates was online GM's log off. some of them GM's i dont want to say name, help ppls there with buffs against us.........after all that failed and we continue our t4c pvp, players stop log in we was alone on the server. after we stop log in server back to life and all log back.... they try to push us out of the server and they achieved!! thats an experience of my welcome at saga server too and i find common thinks with nitsu.


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            it is good to have a good environment, good for learn something too


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