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  • Server Settings

    - XP : X1
    - Remort : X3
    - Multiple account authorized
    - 1.25 Items ON, obtained via the crimson scale quest.
    - Old access quests
    - Doppelganger portal : On

    Staff on ABO
    Lucifer as HGM/SYSOP
    Lucifer Game Development (English)
    Morpheus as GM
    Moderators IG, we won't tolerate any taunt or insult to keep a good environment. We will appoint players as before to moderate the game channels. They will be able to remove shouts.
    What is buyable on abo shop?
    - A bigger chest storage
    - Reroll Reset 1 character back to level 1
    - buying a X1 (Friday 17th November 2016.)
    - Buying a X2 (Saturday 24th December 2016)
    We will not add anything else

    Shout rules: No racist, Family, Gender insults are allowed. Spamming will be punishable as well. Effective today we will start using the Jail system for repeat offenders in shout violations.

    No PVP range;
    PVP death settings
    35% equipped items
    75% Backpack items
    50% gold
    5% xp
    PVM death settings:
    5% equipped items
    50% backpack items
    35% gold
    5% xp

    Features IN GAME

    ARAKAS :
    Personal chest and guild chest in each temples.
    In the training building across from LH Temple ?A strange looking man? will exchange your Bronze Chaliche (found on arakas monsters) for 15k xp. Be careful, he will exchange them all on a single click.

    There is an new warlord goblin spawn south of Jarko mountains. Same location as on Abo3
    Sword of fury drop rate has been increased.

    ?Bren the farmer? in a house close by the WH field offers the following quest: Kill 15 kraanians and receive 30k xp and 15 healing pots.
    ?An old cleric? in the labyrinth offers the following repeatable quest: kill a sum of 20 dark spiders or cursed beings for 35k xp and 2k gold.
    ?Disgruntled Hemogoblin? passed the AR bridge will ask you to activate levers found in 5 jarko caves for 100k xp. He will then ask you to kil ?count hemogoblin? for 125k xp and 4k gold.

    ?Cornelia Silversmith? in Lance Silversmith?s house asks you to kill 15 orcs AND 15 goblins of any kind for 40k xp.
    There is 8 rare boss on Arakas, some have multiple respawn location and the respawn time varies with a minimum of 1h.
    They can drop the following items:

    Name: Bonus ///// prerequisites

    Ring of the ogre : +15 attack +5 str + 4 AC ///// 25 str / end
    Six brothers staff : + 4 AC -15 dodge, + 3 all powers + 5 str + 10 int / wis ///// 18 str, 20 end, 50 int/wis (d?gat 25-35)
    Scholar Ring : +5 wis/int ///// 25 INT/WIS
    Lost Helm : +5 AC ///// 30 STR 20 end
    Trickster Cloth: +5 AC +15 DEX ///// 30 STR 40 DEX
    Backstabber gauntlet : + 2 AC +15 Dodge +5 dex ///// 30 STR / 20 END / 40 DEX
    Belt of the adventurer : + 3 AC +10 dodge + 3 ALL stats ///// nil
    Rabbit ears : +2 ALL stats ///// nil
    Bracers of the sentry : + 10 str + 5 end + 1 AC ///// nil
    Goblin chieftain cape : 4 AC //// nil

    Raven's dust :
    Just south of SS Temple, ?A strange looking man? will trade your books of knowledge for 150k xp.

    In SS tavern, ?a creepy looking guy? heals or poisons the bishop for 50k gold.

    In the orc mountains, ?Gemli Stonebeard? trades orcs foot for 13k xp

    In RD crypt, ?Miranda the mummy? trades mummy bandages for a random reward (XP, pot or kiss)

    ?Anton Ravenhood? found in RD druid house, trades demonic tree leaf and wood for 14/12k xp.
    ?Tik Tak? in Zhakar tower trades taunting horror fangs vs 10k xp.

    ?Dirk Diggler? trades nightblade skulls for randomly either 16k xp or 4k gold.

    9 rare boss on RD can drop the following:
    Magical Cape 3 AC 8 WIS/INT ///// 25 END 60 INT/WIS
    Magical Leggings 4 AC 10 WIS/INT ///// 30 END 60 WIS/INT
    Monk white sash 2 AC 5 power light 5 str ///// 20 END 36 WIS / INT
    Dagger of insight 5 dark resist / 10 WIS ///// 120 WIS
    Strange Hat 5 AC 15 DODGE 5 ALL STAT ///// NIL
    Golem Boot 6 AC - 10 DODGE 5 STR 10 END ///// 80 END
    Wristband of accuracy 3 AC 25 ARCHERY 15 DEX ///// 145 DEX
    Garb of the magma 12 AC 5 Fire power 20 INT ///// 25 END 102 INT


    -A strange looking man inside the sh temple, trade each vibrating gem for 500K.

    If you have oracle access, ?Kerwic? will charge 600k to teleport you to Hall. Almost half way to reborn!

    ?Faldrek? in the weapon shop teaches Sirocco spell and sells a few weapons:

    Sirocco : spell level 100, cost 500k gold. 36 skills points
    Req : Hurricane, 130 int/wis
    - Black locust composite bow 3 for 25M Gold
    - Ancient two handed sword 3 for 25 M Gold
    - Ancient Broad Axe 3 for 25M Gold
    - Adamantium mace for 230.691 Gold
    - Adamantium mace 1 for 692.073 Gold
    - Adamantium mace 2 for 2.306.910 Gold
    - Mace of Weethgwotha for 9.227.640 Gold (?quivalent du MMS3)
    - Blue Zephyr for 9.200.000 Gold (Oak composite bow 3)
    - Enhanced Elf Sword for 360.269 Gold
    - Enhanced Elf Sword 1 for 1.080.807 Gold
    - Enhanced Elf Sword 2 for 3.602.690 Gold
    - Sword of the lich King for 15M Gold (?quivalent du AMS3)

    8 rare bosses can be found, some in ethereal zone.

    Oracle :
    When arriving in ZO you ill be teleported in a pvp off zone, as soon as you leave the fenced area its pvp on. (prevents teleport crashes)
    In the house you can find the NPC to exchange xp orbs dropped on oracle monsters for 1M. There is also a NPC that will buy your extra oracle keys.

    There is 2 noob xp area before entering the first door. One to the west and one to the south.
    There is a sentinel spot as well. Gives 30k less xp than the actual undead sentinel but have the same HP.
    Oracle chests spawns randomly between 2 and 6 hours. They are also empty following a reboot.
    P?man is not accessible

    10 rares bosses in oracle zone

    ?Clairse? found near the first oracle chest can cant rade 1.25 items for a unique gem. More info here:

    As mentioned earlier there is no P?man, but there is 2 entries to the zone:
    In that abandoned castle there is 2 drake xp spots a little bit faster than the previous one to make it interesting to control the zone.
    Inside, there is a portal to get back out, a one way trip.

    New robes :

    Tempest Mantle +30 AC +35 power air +25 wis +25 int /////200 INT/WIS
    Earth cloak +30 AC +35 EARTH POWER +50 WISDOM///// 400 WIS
    Mantle of artherk 30 AC +35 POWER LIGHT +10 DARK RESIST /////400 WIS
    Cloak of darkness +30 AC +35 DARK POWER +50 Int///// 400 INT
    Mantle of the ocean +30 AC +35 Ice power +50 int /////400 INT
    Cloak of Sun +30 AC +35 fire power +50 int /////400 INT

    All Forest of non return gems are capped at 25.
    Armlet of Flames is now a Physical effect
    HP and MP is recalculated on each level-up; no more high-endurance noobs!
    Island access quest drops have been adjusted
    Gluriurl?s regen has been lowered for easier completion625
    The loot table for many of the monsters has been rebuilt
    XP items will be available via collectors quests on each island and Oracle Zone
    No Pay-2-Win on the WebShop; win with skills, not bills
    The Oracle Realm has been reimagined and redesigned
    Marksh P?tangh has been removed; new ways to obtain Ancient drops have been added
    New robes for all elements
    There is no Auction House
    Time to log off is now 20 seconds
    Sanctuary Spell is not available; don?t hide, fight!

    ACP : normal regen, 15% AC boost

    Bracer of leaves : sellable for 10.000 gold at merchant

    Wings can be removed

    Parry is active

    Xp items are non-droppable and are the following:

    Bronze chalice, 15K xp, no levels restriction
    Book of knowledge, 150K xp, level 25 required.
    Vibrating gem, 500K, level 50 required
    Gem of power, 1M xp, level 75 required
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