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Price check

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  • Price check

    Just giving everyone a heads up... prices on chars are over priced for server that is dying as is... people don't pay no more than 150 euros for a char...

    zokral my offer stands at 180euro for your pallidin, if someone wants to pay more for it, they are idiots. hell even i'm an idiot for not even listening to my own advice

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    ... "people don't pay no more than 150 euros for a char" ..

    then proceeds to offer more than 150euros for a char.. lol..

    someone's butt-hurt..

    Server is alive and well!


    • #3
      I sold archer for 800, i'm not butt hurt over anything. ok, i'll offer 150, thanks.


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        Reguardless what your oppinion is good sir, the fact is that the server isn't dieing, people are losing interest in the Staff + problems we are facing daily.
        the server itself is perfect,

        If the lag was fixed, the server would be 80+ players..
        With lag. we still get 50+ players every day..... Im not saying this is amazing, but its better than 20


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          the server isnt dead yet.....but without hgm the server will die soon.


          • #6
            why do you need hgm?


            • #7
              why all other servers need hgm? lol i really cant understand ur question.....


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                Thought whole idea behind abomination was no gm interference so just trying to find out why you need him for?


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                  Lucifer are u kidding me ? A server without a gm and u Think thats good or what u mean?

                  You Think this old game run without problems / buggs and that people need help ? Give me some good reasons why a server dont need a gm.

                  There are plently of reasons why a server need a gm/hgm. Specially a PVP server that doesnt is a pvm server where u can stand in 1 Place and afk 5 hours without anything happend.
                  Abo is a server where many people face eachothers. And there is plently of buggs and ingame problem on this server so i guess if u are human u can understand the Point of gm/hgm
                  else i dont know from what planet you exist on.


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                    i agree with fiskedoomkungen 100%


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