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Events and Quest Ideas

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    Originally posted by Selena View Post
    X3 reborn accessible only to 155 or even 160+ X2
    Many High Levels stop play because they're bored. this would offer a chance. for a new challenge without making HL X2 obsolote yet.
    Mouse don't think it's a good idea. Also this seem to bring bad memories from previous abo. We won't do that, at least not in the forseable future.


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      Originally posted by DjiNN View Post

      Mouse don't think it's a good idea. Also this seem to bring bad memories from previous abo. We won't do that, at least not in the forseable future.
      You clearly have no idea how to support the server, feeding all your event suggestions / item suggestions off my previous post, and copying me just makes it obvious.

      Erodas's previous event made it possible for players to stockpile thousands of orbs and since then the server has lost popularity, there's nothing your doing that isn't following in his examples.

      With a 2x 163 on the server, creating 3x could make or break the server, but for the players who are already facing problems getting exp, they would begin to dominate the server as 3x's easily..

      If you start adding items into the server that have too many buffs to characters, your going to need to introduce critical pots, or change the PVP..
      bottom line is that, introducing 3x, increases the amount of exp players need to complete their characters from where they are now,
      Many 130-140 characters would saraph instantly just because it's a bonus over the rest of the server


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        please fix the chamber 1 door.
        I know and aggre it was changed because of bugs, but if you are in a group of 4 at the same chambger, you will take around 20min just to finish the keys for everybody. Maybe reducing the respaw time of the 6 mobs can fix this issue.


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          After supporting the change without realizing the actual thing everyone was complaining about, I now understand what they're saying. The problem is even without abuse multiple people could pass with 1 key before. As long as everyone made it past the door without it closing. Now with an organized group, each player is literally required to farm a key and wait preventing any organized pvp from quickly getting past.
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            That fixed door is just ridiculous, takes lot of time for whole team to do the keys, or u add more respaw for ep1, or remove that shit, sv problem = 3 secs plug, ep4 bug to pot.
            Dont fix what aint broken.


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              open coliseum for exiting people!!


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