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1st PVP Tournament on abo.

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  • 1st PVP Tournament on abo.

    I will organise a pvp tournament with no range will be organized it each month ( using http://challonge.com to manage it)
    It will take place Sunday 23th of April at 12AM NYC time so 18h Paris time or 1PM BR time (Brazilia)

    The reward for the winner will be :
    • Champion's wings for warrior: + 22 AC / +55 Agi/Str /+1PB/AP/SB => REQ 250 str 50end 250 attack
    • Champion's wings for archer : +7AC / +110 archery / +5 hide / +2PB+ 2SB => req 200 agi/40end
    • Champion's wings for mage : + 5AC / +10WIS/INT + 3all power => REQQ25 END 60 INT/WIS
    • Champions's wings for paladin/antipaladin : 5AC / 10all stats / +1all power/ +1PB/AP/SB

    (2 sets either. 210 str and 200 int, or 210 str and 200 wis)
    • 2nd place will get 500 tokens as reward.
    • 3rd place will have 250 tokens as reward

    Wings would only be available trough 1V1 tournament with no range. These wings will be undroppables til next tournament.
    If a champion manages to stay champion three times in a row, he could keep the champions wings for life, but the cape will become droppable

    Also, some weekends, I will make other kind of pvp event, last man standing, PVP tournament by class or lvl. Rewards on these will be tokens only.

    About the main event, I'd like your input on it Would you like the pvp event to be with items droppable or do you want it to be undroppable?

    Feel free to suscribe for the tournament below. Suscription will only be registered here.
    2 suscriptions per account on Bible only. You have till 6PM NYC time saturday to register.
    I'm an hardcore pvp player and i want blood, items should be droppable during tournament.
    I want to dress up with skinned items but I don't wanna risk loosing it please.
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    Dijin ira organizar um torneio de pvp a cada mes (usando http://challonge.com para organizar)
    Sera realizado no domingo dia 23 de abril 14h horario de NY, 18h horario de paris, 15h horario de brasilia.

    A recompensa para o vencedor sera:
    Asa do campeao guerreiro: + 22 AC / +55 Agi/Str /+1PB/AP/SB => REQ 250 str 50end 250 attack
    Asa do campeao archer: +7AC / +110 archery / +5 hide / +2PB+ 2SB => req 200 agi/40end
    Asa do campeao mago: + 5AC / +10WIS/INT + 3all power => REQQ25 END 60 INT/WIS
    Asa do campeao paladino/antipaladino: 5AC / 10all stats / +1all power/ +1PB/AP/SB
    (2 sets de cada. 210 str and 200 int, or 210 str and 200 wis)

    2 lugar recebe 500 token
    3 lugar recebe 250 tokens

    As asas somente estarao disponiveis atraves do torneio 1x1 sem range. Essas asas serao indrop ate o proximo torneio.
    Se o campeao conquista o torneio 3 vezes seguidas, ele pode manter as asas para sempre, mas elas serao dropaveis.

    Tambem, alguns finais de semana, ele fara outro tipo de evento de pvp, como ultimo sobrevivente, por classe ou level. Recompensas serao apenas tokens.

    Sobre o evento principal, ele gostaria da opiniao de todos se nos gostariamos dos itens serem dropaveis ou nao dropaveis nos torneios.
    Sinta-se a vontade para se increver no torneio. So serao aceitas incricoes por aqui.
    Apenas 2 incricoes por conta do t4cbible. O horario limite para incricoes e 18h horario de NY, 19h horario de brasilia, de sabado para registrar.
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      Vote pvp ON pvp Drop ON plz.


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        Do you have any idea how stupid this sounds?.. I'll never log onto abom again if you add stupid fucking wings -_-

        There was just 2 Cape items added with the easter event, if accepted, Archers cloak / Easter wings,

        Please tell me your not the event coordinator. ill shoot myself in the foot, and take your job in a fucking minute.
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          Only one player will get the wings, either a mage/warrior/archer/Paladin or antipaladin. Also note that it's wings, not a cape. So the person wearing it will be easily targeted in Mass PVP.
          In addition, the bonuses of it is great enough to be interesting but not OverPowered.
          You may indulge yourself criticizing the staff, but at least take the time to read it all and think, and then try to be constructive about it if you want to be heard.

          Remember you will have to register on this post to participate to the tournament.


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            Register me please.
            Micka : war lv 156


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              Register me please :
              lvl 155 archer - Pointless


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                Register me please :
                lvl 160 Airpriestess- Selena


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                  Register me please:

                  level 150 warrior nyroman


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                    Register me please

                    Rane Sir Nasty 155 BM
                    Myth- Corya Webb?
                    Chaos-2 noob
                    Xavus- DeepFollower
                    Abo's- Rane


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                      Register me please :

                      Cherry - Level 160 Water Mage


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                        Register Jacobino


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                          Register me please :

                          Blackheart - Level 158 paladin


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                            Ragnar lvl 152 archer


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                              Major - Level 147 Warrior
                              Abo 1: Major Gump x3 (Archer), Minor Gump x3 (Warr).
                              Abo 2: Iva Major Ivy x2 (Warr), Sylver Major x3 (Warr), Ivah Major x3 (Warr), Major Ivy x2 (Archer), Vul Major Ivy x2 (Paladin), Arch Major x1 (Light Mage).
                              Abo 3: Major Gump x2 Level 130+ (Warr), Arch Ivy x1 Level 57(Fire Mage)
                              Abo 4: Major x2 Level 143+ (Warr), Major Sneeking x0 Level 90+ (Archer)


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