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  • luci-djinn-mouse

    server is dead.... u just do a wipe items and all of u disappear ! are thinking to do something to activate server again or bye bye abo??
    btw ur decision to wipe items and no all chars to lvl1 looks like it kill the server ,because most of ppl vote for wipe lvl1 and u just wipe items cause of 3-4 cryers!
    so, just give us an answer what u think to do .....

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    I believe what NoFear is trying to say is that your decision lead to the server dying (like expected, it doesn't take a genius to foresee it when you take a decision against a vote that you made yourselves as a staff)

    Anyway, you can clearly see the difference in population since your decision. . again it does not take a genius to see. . .

    Sunday have always been the days where there is a huge peek of players (I guess because there is nothing else to do on a Sunday for everyone and even people that work on weekends are finally here )

    From 50 connected it went down to 20-30 on Sunday night . . . . (10:00 PM UTC+2)

    Now let's please rectify the error like adults that we are and accept when we take a WRONG decision -- by learning from our mistakes, we grow as adults right ?

    Let's wipe Abo completely and restart it with a CLEAN and more than motivated staff -- Sometimes a "reborn" of a server works out better and I think it would be the case here.
    I am sure that we will have many many players return if you do this (together with a little event.. i.e more XP for noob levels, until what level that is up to you.. personally I would make XP easier until levels 70-75 with an event but that is not mandatory... what is mandatory is to wipe the server, that's for sure, unless you want let it die .. )

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      I have to agree.
      Myth- Corya Webb?
      Chaos-2 noob
      Xavus- DeepFollower
      Abo's- Rane


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        Players not coming back
        Abo1: Sir Bullet, Twister, Tiberius, TankBoy
        Abo2: Sir Bullet, Budy
        Abo3: ......


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          yup. players all quit you die 1vs1 and you are naked gg. it does not take a genius to see lmao.

          bye abo.


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            Buy Heros o.O



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              U have mental problems NF? U vote to wipe itens


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                Full reset, aggree 100%


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                  keep crying retard wgood ! and go lick jaco balls ! i have heros ! go xp now to ur pvm server !


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                    nofear, the big NOOB, voted for wipe itens - seloing accs and crying on forum after die

                    shadow voted for wipe itens - selling accs after die


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                      Too much expection from a free video game


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                        yes i vote for wipe items at the start but when i see erodas spawn so many orbs i change mind ! cuoldnt change my vote!

                        and btw mouse luci stop hide i think mans with pants should not hide and give us 1 answer ! ty
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                          Mouse / Lucifer

                          / ! \ Can we please have an OFFICIAL RESPONSE
                          / ! \ -- Kindly do not ignore this (us).

                          The remainder of The 4th coming's PVP players urges you !! I am sure you have the same love for the game, so please do listen to us or I'm afraid this will be the end of us (the official PVP community).

                          Option 1 :

                          We will not make any changes to our decision nor we will accept that we've taken a wrong decision -- Abo will continue as it is.

                          Option2 :

                          Okay, we've thought about it and indeed we took a bad decision -- We will listen to the community (our players) and do what they initially decided as a community --
                          We shall WIPE Abo entirely, start from scratch on CLEAN bases and be more than motivated as a staff.

                          Thanks to you in advance
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                            abo deaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


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                              Xp x10 in new Abo ? O.o good hehehe

                              Obs: Nofear Noobbbbb hahauheuaheuabuehaj


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