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Do oracle quest or pay 15$ ?

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  • Do oracle quest or pay 15$ ?


    i am now x2 lvl 80 , i want to x3 and i am ready to pay 2 x 15$ to have oracle access : 1 time for my x2 , 1time again for my x3

    but someone in game said me that if i paid 15$ in x2 , the oracle not let my reborn without do the entire oracle quest , so i am farming my items

    today someone else told me that i can pay now my x2 and reborn , but i have to do entire quest in x3 ...

    so i am lost now

    on the webshop , its said that "we must be lvl 50 x2 and x3 " and i dont really inderstand what it means and if there are different conditions in x2 and x3

    can you tell me what i have to do not to waste my $ and my items please

    thank you LUCIFER for your answer

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    From what I understand, you needed to finish AR/RD questline before it works. That's where everyone was misunderstanding, they bought the key assuming they could go straight there before level 50 and getting SH access
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      you need to have an x2 or x3 with ar and rd access quest completed to use the item


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        either i do quest to access RD + quest to access SH and i buy the key 15$
        or i use portals and do the evil quest to oracle access and farming items

        are you ok with that ?


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          Acces RD only. lvl 85 x2 not 80.
          Why 0 announcement for acces x3 on shop...


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            Originally posted by Lucifer View Post
            Oracle assistant now accepts x3 toons.
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              Mouse Lucifer - If I have a 2x toon and use the Oracle Assistant. Can I seraph to 3x? Or do I have to do the Seraph quest?

              I understood that the item in the webshop was for access to OZ only..


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                Mouse Lucifer last question after Boaty : if i x3 , i can access to sh lvl 1 thanks to portals, but can i access to ZO doing the seraph quest ? (without doing Ar+Rd quests to respectively have access to RD and SH)


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                  no you must complete the prior to isles to use the item, tom and boaty to access oz do you not need the key of ogrimar or arthrek ?


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                    Just make it possible to get oracle acces when u Done AR to RD. Cause RD acces to sh is the worst quest ingame, even more as evil since u cant do it without anyone help u.


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                      Lucifer I think you are misunderstanding my question:

                      Simply put, is this scenario possible?:

                      I have 2x toon Level 85 with RD and SH access complete - I DO NOT complete Evil Seraph Quest but I do buy the $15 access from Webshop

                      THE QUESTION IS: Will The Oracle let me go to 3x WITHOUT completing quest??


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                        Thank you lucifer for answering but this is not my interrogation: i began zo evil access with my x2 without having finished rd quest to stoneheim access , so Can i finished my access to oracle and get the key without having SH access? (I go SH with portails)


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                          yes to you boaty as long as you have completed the rd and sh access you can x3 with item

                          to you tomtom it will not work for you. Must complete rd and sh access for the item to work.


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                            I dont speak about the 15$ but the classic quest to ZO access , it wont work too ?


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                              normal quest will work fine you do not need shop item


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