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4th Island comming

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  • 4th Island comming

    Tomorrow is the day. Nice to have seen the number of players increasing with the proximity of the island, in the last days 30 on around 18:00 (BR). Several known players coming back, allies or not. It

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    yea prepare ur orgy ally !


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      Originally posted by nofear View Post
      yea prepare ur orgy ally !
      tg tg tg tg tg tg tg tg tg


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        Good desision abaut 130 lvl for enter 4i.
        Abo1: Sir Bullet, Twister, Tiberius, TankBoy
        Abo2: Sir Bullet, Budy
        Abo3: ......


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          Very good decision about it being 130! However I will need to do "LH to RD" and "RD to SH" quests since I went straight to Oracle before and that will be a pain.
          Abo 1: Major Gump x3 (Archer), Minor Gump x3 (Warr).
          Abo 2: Iva Major Ivy x2 (Warr), Sylver Major x3 (Warr), Ivah Major x3 (Warr), Major Ivy x2 (Archer), Vul Major Ivy x2 (Paladin), Arch Major x1 (Light Mage).
          Abo 3: Major Gump x2 Level 130+ (Warr), Arch Ivy x1 Level 57(Fire Mage)
          Abo 4: Major x2 Level 143+ (Warr), Major Sneeking x0 Level 90+ (Archer)


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            I like the 130+ req, but i dont like the quest to acces 4i. That u need to complete RD to sh acces cause evil side AR to RD need to complete 2 levels to make acces to RD Witch is bad compare to evil people. At high lvl that isnt fair!

            Either u change acces quest or Else u remove 2 lvl part in AR to RD acces for evil seraph.

            Apart from ron this i like the idea!

            And mouse remove the 2 people part in evil acces to sh part. It destory more then doing sense.



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              dont worry doom ! they just say again some hours before new island open that u need to do arakas and rd quest ! they already knew orgy ally have done this quests ! only 1-2 ravens didnt do it ! and its really weird all brazzers knew and have done arakas to rd and rd to sh acsess ! so they still have advantage orgy ally + help with info about i4 acsess from someone unknown .....guess who ! gg abo!


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                for ur information, we always have the quests since the beggining of the server. maybe you dont know, but they are necessary to be able to enter portal gateway. We always make the 10 tablets in ravens dust, even humans, so its easier to farm itens for oracle access quest.
                I should stop typing now, I have already told you a lot of the "secrets" os the game on this post
                As I said, wipe your tears, we are tired of all this cry. kid


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                  I had to do the quest fyi!


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                    not even the staff knew exactly what was going to happen with the npc so i did not have to hear cry im the only one that knew and sorry i dont play favorites


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                      Lucifer explain to me why u nerf out the archer and warrior? cant xp

                      warrior cant do shit for all


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