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    I may understand any reason for the server to be plugged off (including the extremely childish and annoying comportment of some players hitting HGM's nerves, financial issues, "no time", or anything..), but i believe that's a bit disrespectful regarded to people that just enjoy playing the game peacefully (quietly?) to just do it without giving the reason and a delay, or a reason for "no idea when". Plus, if your intention is to give a shock to the players that are being disrespectful to HGM, and make them realize their behaviour is insanely repulsive, i don't believe anything can change their comportment of spoiled children, and it will just disgust regular players (pretty much as the HGM must feel right now). So if there's an issue, i believe it would be better to tell everyone what's going on. Cause if you don't, and expect these people to have a better comportment in exchange of a "ok i plug it on again" or "ok no wipe but this time be nice", they'll just behave for a couple weeks and pretend they appreciate your job, then they'll start whining and swearing again, and it will just be time and energy lost (and many players that didn't deserve the therapy treatment).

    Thanks for reading.


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      Originally posted by andrepublio1986 View Post
      Its clear...
      Dont have nothing better to do in his life... Just get involved to bother as usually...



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        still no answer from mouse ! ahouahoauhoua


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          I like the way Mouse run the server

          Never ever saw like this on other games in mine life.

          I will repeat myself.

          Total incompetence and disrespect.

          Perhaps he is the last one to do this, but this does not mean that it can be done in a non-professional manner.
          That's just my opinion
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            I would just know the reason why server is closed atm anyway, ppl spent time and money too and guess that must know why server is closed. And must know when open it.. it's a lot boring all that, really. Ppls that insult and cry, and staff that don't give an answer and close the server, without say nothing, with our time and money we spent in it. Isn't the correct way to do for my point of view.
            always sorry for my bad english , have a nice day.


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              mouse close abom 300times like he did with havoc too, and he STILL keep open the saga server with 0 online or 1online the last 1 year........Simply incomprehensible!111111111111

              ahauhuahuahuahoahoaohaohoahoahuahuauhayhayhayhyahg eheaeheaheaeheaheaeh you guys continue give ur money to that shit game with ppls they do any they want or take decisions at their own. im glad i quit that game before many years when havoc close.


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                abom vol5 is cominggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ahuahahauhahahuahaeheheahehauhahuahu


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                  if u was professional mouse ! u should not close the server because we say the truth that i4 is the worst island in t4c history !
                  u should just say : thats our i4 at abo u like it ??? stay and play ! u dont like it gtfo here !
                  closing server is non-professional !


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                    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ wheres Black Lemming ...


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                      I really don't understand why the server is closed. It seems like the staff here has closed the server because of personal issues with some players?? This doesn't seem very professional (surprise..) and I wonder if the owner of Dialsoft knows that this is the case? I invest real $ into this server via the Webshop and I would like answers.

                      FYI - the public contact information for Dialsoft is: (found on Google)

                      360 Littleton Rd.
                      Parsippany, NJ 07054



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                        Just want to say my opinion.

                        Abo now is closed for a reason that we do not know. It seems its closed cause of ppl complains about 4i (i say, i suppose this is the reason, cause you still give no answer).

                        Abomination was a pure hardcore pvp server. With NO addons, with NO every other shit. I will remember you mouse, another one time, you closed Havoc server cause of too many addons, too much work to do, even though there were many motivated people to play and to give help with suggestion etc.
                        It seems like this is your way of solving problems, just run away and close server.

                        You got a crap as always with ur staff member (talking about Erodas) so:
                        let's make a wipe! ---> ok
                        let's make a x3 seraph! ---> ok
                        let's make a 4i! ---> ok
                        let's make new spell new items etc! ---> ok

                        If you dont want to work to this project, if you dont have time, just stop to say shit to players. Its not hard to see that 4i its build in 10minutes. You guys make all player restart, rush to 140 then now we still can do nothing. Lucifer has many problems to fix it because people have different opinions and can not listen to everyone. Also he do many "beta test", 10 minutes of this test, what you can see in 10mins?
                        All of this for say its normal that ppl complain. And u guys took A LOT of time for trying to fix something.

                        And the staff does not have good behavior with the players. You guys dont answer, it seems you guys don't care nothing. We can not trust in staff.

                        Originally posted by Mouse View Post
                        Yes I know abo is down. No I don't know when I will turn it back on.
                        It's a kind of mafia? lmao
                        Do as u like GG

                        Sorry for my eng
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                          and 4th saga is still open and alive with 1 ppls online and afk for more than 1 year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                          sorry for double post but i still cant believe it :P


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                            Draken agree 100% +1 !!!
                            MOUSE stop hide behinde ur pc and give us answers ! if u dont, i think all players will start communicate with the Dialsoft owner ! cause that u do is not profesional !


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                              Dialsoft owner give NO SHIT on you serpent ahuahuauh


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                                actually, by the law u can take payed for stuff as Company without doing it right to the people who spend Money. So actually mouse /Dialsoft is requried to let us know information about whats going on. "OR" it can be very wrong and bad for these guys. "IF" someone take the time and right to drive it futher.

                                Dont Think someone will do it but yes, they are responsible to let us know whats going on " IF " they drive Company that sell stuff.


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