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You wait till there is nobody left?

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  • You wait till there is nobody left?

    It seems to me that you have to try to save abomination with a your wipe bizzare .... and its not working ... you count fire a real wipe one of those days history that you can play?
    Yes I know ... there are u shopping shop and some will be penalized .. but seriously seen the current situation .. its must not change a lot !!

    Lucifer and mouss wiper the server with basic setting and touched more nothing ... unless you do not care .. and i understand

    sorry for translation.

    A soon if the server restarts to zero

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    But why always ppls cry for wipe server? wipe isn't a solution! what the problem ? Lucifer fixed monsters in4i and ppls can xp, added new armor and spells . what else want from the abo server? problem is that before ppls had control of zl or 4i too, and now no ? or tired cause rush in a lot of xp and now need a break? if wipe again the server will stay same as now what change? just play guys , who want play play who not bye. other server stay with low online too. i didn't spent my time for get wipe again cause ppls cry that want wipe for restart from 0. go xp go hunt items , and not just cry.


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      WIPE the server with no addon or nothing

      100% agreed.
      Choas was one of the best servers.
      nothing touched.

      Just FIX pman that's all


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        Well, server it's so, i said that can still be a good server and don't need wipe, i m bored to waste time o nserver that get wipe. who want to play , play .. who not , amen that is it. stop cry for everything or for the wipe. it will be the same anyway.


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          We do not cry ... lucifer has a tent with the x3 .. you see that it does not work ... you are 10 to play mdr. A lot of player has stopped following the abuses .. and are ready to resume if that does not happen again !! Now if no wipe .. no problem but do not say that the server is ok and you like the pvp !!


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            Nice post TreeKIller !

            and Dragone stop being a cry baby ? you're the crybaby just like Wdog who doesn't want a wipe u and him are the only one send multiple emails to Lucifer and mouse about i4 and spells etc.. its done its bullshit no need for that pokemon spells or pokemon armor or pokemon xp. TY for reading again and like I said ur the only one crying here dragone ^^ have fun playing on i4 with ur pokemon mobs and pokemon spells by ur self

            WIpe......... hope its soon !
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              Shadow, go learn play t4c pls!!! Tks!!!


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                We have one HGM or no?


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                  Originally posted by wgood View Post
                  We have one HGM or no?
                  lol wgood hgm done his job he make i4 etc etc ! he cant make ppl come back, its over !
                  and its not luci fault ppl quit !
                  when luci make vote for full wipe or items wipe and MOUSE decide alone for items wipe when most
                  of ppl have vote full wipe seems he dont respect his costumers options !
                  thats why most of ppl quit !
                  i was playing after wipe items but with 5-6-7 online max and no pvp i stop too !
                  i have 4-5 days to log in and i will not play again if i dont see again more than 30 players online for have pvp and fun !
                  btw i dont think no1 come back! only full wipe will make ppl back !
                  thats my options if u like or not !
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                    the full wipe had to do at start , not now that ppls spent time in xp and find items , what a fuckin joke is that? every 3 months wipe? want start from 0 again ? Just 1 person say that server not goin good or die and all the rest follow like sheeps. u all got toons for play for pvp for xp ecc.. u don't want to do it. want restart from 0 so u can rush again for try get the top or other. So every year if someone will be bored , will start cry again for full wipe? and we have each time restart from 0 ? Try continue play ur chars and have fun or stop write always same things about wipe wipe wipe. And btw, i just emailed mouse and luci about fix spells, like air mass spell that wasn't a mass spell was hitting just 1 monster so was bugged. bye.


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                      It's been a simple solution this whole time that 75% of the player base can be pleased with simply, they aren't asking for fancy stuff. The fact is that if you were to reset, a huge amount of people would return and then we could address all of these issues with a fresh start and a bigger player base. No matter how perfect you make this new content, you can't undo the damage that has been done and nobody will return unless it's pure and clean.

                      Rip off the damn bandaid and get it over with
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                        for example at a country(usa) most of ppl vote tramp and he is president ! so there their respect their vote ! here all ppl vote full wipe and mouse make the different choise !
                        its like no have Democracies here its like we have an Emperor do wtf he decide ! thats why server is dead !
                        wipe or not i will not come back ! all this situation get us tired !


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                          well abo is messed up for all of us.... most of us quit and wont come back

                          Mouse doesn't give 2 fucks about abomination I don't know why he moderator it still?

                          Rip off the damn bandaid and get it over with
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                            Originally posted by Treekiller
                            When will you understand that the community just wants a VANILLA server (or at least close to it since now its 2017) .. !!?
                            We DO NOT WANT your i4 !!! We don't want NEW pokemon SPELLS, we DON'T want X3 reborns , we don't want anything ADDED.

                            We just want like it was with Erodas but WITHOUT Erodas and ACTIVE GM staff

                            THAT'S IT FOR F!** SAKE

                            Now, please WIPE the server, let's start FRESH and STOP ADDING and WIPING once and for all !!!!!

                            Thanks for reading !
                            Couldn't have said it better myself, don't add any of the exp-boosting bs either, unless it's a set multiplier for the entire server, which I'm not against .


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