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Mouse/lucifer . Be professional

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  • Mouse/lucifer . Be professional

    Be professional, the server needs an update.

    1: Improve the 4 island and spells (they're crap)


    2: Wipe


    3: Mouse, are you going to do something or will it let the server stay the same as 4thsaga?

    We NEED answers...

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    saga is like that for 2 years. if abomin stay like this it will close on 4-5 months maximum.


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      To my knowledge server is not closing


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        So, you will not do anything to the server ?
        Have max 4 ppl on... 4 on = server off...
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          what you think needs done?


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            Easy..... Wipe abomination et restart with erodas settings.


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              Many players will come back


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                Originally posted by Lucifer View Post
                what you think needs done?
                - First of all, maybe inform all the players of Abomination by sending them an email, depending what you decide to do for the future of the server.
                If you feel that a new poll about wiping or not is necessary, do it.

                - Undo the correction of the spells, it doesn't make any sense at the moment, every single person who create a caster is fucked.

                - I don't know how you feel about 4th island.. For me, it's not necessary as players on Abomination only needs the game as basic as it was before.

                - Regarding to that, maybe bring back the Pman, because hey, it was really a lot of fun to fight for it, and a great challenge for teams. Ancient weapons will not drop on him.

                - A serious talk about an antiplug system. Could be a spell launch when you enter some areas like oracle or sents that don't let you log off before you enter a safe area.

                - Sanctuary was good for priest as they're not fighters, maybe bring it back with a 400+ wis requirement?

                - And MOST OF ALL, don't pay attention to people who cry from morning till dawn. There are many players who stay quiet, those are the ones important. If you have a good communication with the whole part of your players, you gonna free your minds of the bullshits, do not hesitate to ask by mail as many don't come to that forum.

                - Keep it fun, that's only a game


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                  Originally posted by Lucifer View Post
                  what you think needs done?
                  u make x3 reborn no ppl come back after u make i4 and new spells no ppl come back .... its not ur fault !
                  the fault was that mouse decide alone to do wipe items since most of players vote full wipe !
                  so only a full wipe with no addons i4 and new spells will bring ppl back ! most of ppl i know quit for this reason(no full wipe ....since erodas f*** the server,they want a clear server)


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                    Originally posted by Lucifer View Post
                    what you think needs done?

                    WE Need a FULL WIpe with erodes setting only or PMAN setting


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                      Hello Lucifer, first of all I would like to thank you for your efforts to improve Abo ... tksss.

                      Unable to keep the server as it is, something needs to be done.

                      I was against the full wipe, but now I find it necessary

                      Best option: wipe full, but continue all seraph chars 2x or give us the option to buy seraph 2x on the site. No 4island.

                      Second option, but very risky, maybe does not work: Delete all new spells and male a new 4island Looks like with ZL ( with boss )

                      Lucifer, see what you think is best, but do fast pls. We really want back to play.



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                        Best option: wipe full, but continue all seraph chars 2x or give us the option to buy seraph 2x on the site. No 4island.

                        pay to win


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                          bestg option: WIPE FULL delete all x2 Delete ptangh. make erodes boss back that's all.
                          No free x2 or free x1 or buy x1 or buy x2... ALL EARN THE CHARACTERS!!!!!
                          only can buy on market is "TOKENS" for skins. that's all.
                          delete all character x2 x1 human WIPE server ABOm rename it and start again !
                          pay to win is bad. btw. we all know that. wdog lets be like most of the regular t4c gamers. earn ur levels don't buy x2


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                            Originally posted by Fanatic View Post

                            Since ABO project started, the server suposed to have NO GM INTERFERENCE AND PVP FOCUS, what it means? let the rage in main flow (bashing personally/family offense etc..) who cares? the objective here is only one: PVP
                            Players can turn channel off or block pages.
                            Who wanna join that server have to know how things work here. It includes STAFF.

                            NO ACTIVE STAFF:
                            The problem is always the same, and it never changes.
                            Staff at least should log in game in different times to check if everything is ok, MAKE HIS PRESENCE ONLINE TO EVERYONE SEE THAT SERVER IS RUNNING GOOD.
                            Help with bugs and make events (quest, pvp, xp, etc), its MMORPG, events are part of game to make people interact with each other.

                            ERODAS PROBLEM:
                            Yes, u put active server, but u should always police that staff.
                            Anyway Erodas made great job with all new stuffs/boss, remove ptangh for dont let one group take control of game was great idea, and withou ptang we see players got lvl like 168 (max 40m/h) x2 seraph.
                            When u decided to share ERODAS CORRUPTION in forum, staff killed the server. I see online players decrease very quick

                            LUCIFER STAFF:
                            He made great job after ERODAS leave the server without advice, MADE HIS PRESENCE at begin.
                            But again i dont see him online, and when i ask to friends with GM was online today, they say: "i dont see him for one week or more"
                            Again, we are here in ACTIVE STAFF problem.

                            ABOUT WHAT T4C PVP COMMUNITY NEED:
                            If i check forum or t4c.com i dont see any pool asking about opnions from the PLAYERS THAT PLAY IN ABO.
                            People asked for wipe, and the decision is keep server run and bring x3 seraph, 2x xp one day after release x3 seraph, all that without planing and making one schedule.
                            So later, i see about i4 in forum, i personally dont asked for it cause like u said: "abo was supposed to be hard core where players killed each other and leveling really wasn't the focal point"

                            NEW ISLAND
                            When u ill release one new island, u should make one plan, and stay online to check the problems QUICK!
                            We all see that story a lot of times. So yes, Lucifer made a huge mistake here.
                            Release 4th isle without good balance, and when all players got motivated with new content, one monster hit and down!

                            T4c is great game, i like to play, and i believe in ABOMINATION project since ABO1. But again i have no motivation to play cause all that problems.

                            Mouse u not the owner but your job on t4c.com is like the owner. I can see your hard work around.
                            You have a great version of game in hands to make it fun for players and also make money to support t4c.com
                            If i can resume all problems in one, the main problem here is how manager the project ABOMINATION, and that is the main problem since first wipe of ABO.

                            So the solution seens to wipe one more time, and try again.

                            With all that huge post im trying to help "and be part of the solution" in my view.

                            ps.: sorry about my bad english.

                            Like i said before.. wipe!

                            BUT only if staff learn with previous mistakes, all listed above.

                            ahhh, and 100% drop pls, make it hard like abo1.

                            But it is probably impossible to find a good manager for the ABO project, so see you all around.

                            Abo1: Fanatic FK, Element FK, Pinga FK
                            Abo2: Fanatic, Frenesi, PaoDoce, Fantastic, Mas, Blind Guardian
                            Abo3: ?!?


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                              100% drop is NICE!!!!!!......we need that as soon as wipe happens

                              We need a date for the WIPE..please!


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