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Let us discuss this perspective...

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  • Let us discuss this perspective...

    All this time untill these days we have seen servers being wiped the one after another. The abomination server has being wiped four times so far.I was a fan of the havoc server as it was. In my opinion it was a mistaken choice to wipe that server. Many talked about unbalance in there.But there was not a corruption as far as I know. All classes were strong there. There are servers now that have no users on line or the most with five people on line that still exist. In havoc were playing many people and most Koreans. The last two or three HGMs there, messed up the server.But those servers hadn't any chance like abomination or the 4th saga that still exists. They wiped. And it was a good thing by reaching the 250 lvl. Why don't you check Mouse HGM this perspective. I'd like to see the havoc server back as it was. I don't think you would have a problem to install that server as it was. It was one of the servers that I liked to pay in webshop for items or e.t.c..After all those wiped servers those last years, I have abandonned the idea of buying anything from the webshop.
    Those are my ideas and I hope for some support from players or GMs or HGMs. Active or no active.

    Thank you!

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    agree 100% bring havoc back,. or at least make abom like havoc. what i mean? give to server EXP or atleast give vip for exp.


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      In many servers i playied, Havoc have been really the best one i liked it really a lot and i was against the wipe.. if there was addons, was addons for all kind of classes and was giving possibility to try new classes and reach good lvls and still remember a lot and a lot of pvps, pvps event, gvgs ecc..


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        Actually, atm, Abomination looks more like Havoc than it has ever been. 4th island for faster leveling, new spells and so on... But players have left the server for the same reason they left Havoc empty before it closed: they no longer wants to play with such settings. So, sadly, I guess you are almost alone here.

        Well, except you can't build an OP dual wielding air battlemage, yet.


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          really cant compare havoc with abom. havoc was 20b/h exp and abom with new isle is 40-50m/h,havoc got more addon items. i dont think abom players quit cause 5 new robes and 6-7 new spells addon lol:P for a player with family and work who not play much, 40m hour is a pain in ass cause need many days for 1lvl and with all that pkers plug to all spots is impossible for exp, so abom atm is only for addicted and ppls who have no life but only the t4c. i think and its MY opinion, many players from abom quit cause many bugs. took many months for fix plug system. and when done they find HGM who give items and exp to whole server. after this items wipe came, all that together is the reason many of us include myself too leave that damn server.


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            ps. and after wipe items we all wait 4i isle, and 4i isle came with fulll bugs, monsters with 100000resists impossible to kill. after that ,spells bugged, i saw ppls kill sentinels with 3 fireballs....lol omg..... need more reasons to leave or i done?


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              just wipe that shit and start all over again


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                I think MaggicRealm was the best server. We actually had several places to exp, later on 1 with high risk, high reward style of group exping. I came in as a newbee, built a character to top10 before and after the wipe, and I could always find new ways to exp faster but with more risks. Like the mass-spawning of those bubble-looking guys who shot mass Shatter - just spawn 100 of them, tank them on your melee, and let your aoe clear the rest of them, instead of soloing 1-2 at a time. Then go for a pot-run and do it again. That was fun, could been done with a group for a bit better xp/h ratio, but having a bit more risk involved as well, just they way it should be.

                The same was with the group exping sessions before the 2nd wipe I believe, where the monsters hit like truck, but could be spawned +100 in the same room, call all the tanks and healers in the room, and start spamming area spells. That was great time, and I think I never had nearly as much fun as exping in a massive groups where the risk was high (the amount of deaths was like one player death every 100 mobs), but the reward was almost double the experience than any other place. Then we gone for a pot runs every few spawns, and all ran through the islands to get maximum amount of potions with them.

                Havoc on the other hand was a bit different, but really good server as well. We had tier 3 crafting items from tier 1 to 5 done, and they seemed very promising - a big time investment to build the items, but they didn't seem that much better than the normal last island dropped or quest items - they just added some utility, like a bit more specific power to specific element, but less resists to some, compared to the normal armors, or robes gave more power, less stats, or had some negative in them. There were tons of players online, and the PVP was great with the Koreans - except the few poor things like +200 Gems of the Moon on a players backpack, which made Air mages pop like 3k damage per hit.

                I thought we could get the fun part of the last 2 servers, PVP, with Abo, and leave it as an old school leveling with normal experience i1, i2, i3, oracle and Ptangh. Well, balance was changed when it was mentioned there's no Ptangh, that already made Fire Mages grouping exp impossible, since they were great levelers with a healer at Ptangh, leaving Fire Mages to level alone. The server issues were huge, I lost my interest after the two first weeks because of several server issues, and all the kid's raging in the main CC and Forums were too disgusting to be around, I have better things to do in my life than hear some 12 year old kids calling other kids who knows what in a fucking video-game. The balance was already broken, and now I heard the spells were nerfed to the ground, destroying any AoE mage build's intentions to overlevel warriors or archers and be better at PVP thanks to level advantage, like it has always been. A level 145 warrior can be exped as slowly or fast, as level 155-160 mage. The balance is that the warrior still most likely kicks the mages ass in every other aspect, except the levelling part.

                I'm still hoping to see an active, all-around good server from Dialsoft, but I doubt I see that day anymore.


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                  At this point really was hopin for havoc server back :P with the 6 isle spells weapons armors bosses ecc


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                    Well, numbers don't lie, and a far bigger part of the T4C PVP players did prefer Chaos/DNA/Abom like settings close to the original game than Xavus/T4CPlayer/Havoc and their loads of content. I guess most of them prefer a stable and reliable content base to build characters with without having GMs messing with that constantly. Years before, there were enough interested players to make addon PVP servers tick along with the Chaos/first Aboms. That's unfortunately no longer the case.

                    Generally speaking, PVP players prefer base content while PVE players prefer server with lots of additionnal content such as Realmud or Neerya.
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                      Originally posted by Jeska View Post
                      Generally speaking, PVP players prefer base content while PVE players prefer server with lots of additionnal content such as Realmud or Neerya.

                      That's not necessarily true. The PVP part of T4C with the non-add on content is actually piss poor for several reasons:

                      There are 2 types of mages that potentially could ever hope to match up against warriors and archers - Water Mage and Dark Mage. It's easy to get high base damage on your PVP spells while enemies having almost impossible time getting good resistances against it (atleast Warriors and Archers). Both also can receive huge evasion and stack some earth resists, so they can evade tons of damage from both of the above classes.
                      Earth Mages are pisspoor, they are for PVM only. They can heal (can be cursed to negate all the healing power) or use non PVP-spells which deal pisspoor damage.
                      Air Mages are decent at PVM and PVP. They have some sort of PVP spell that goes through AC, but it lacks damage. It's also hard to get resistances against Air. They also have great AoE spells, which aren't too strong against any non-add on monsters, except the drakes at ORealm.
                      Fire Mages are good at PVM, not that good in PVP. Anyone who got Resist Fire spell, automatically kicks Fire Mages ass in PVP since it mitigates like half of the incoming damage.
                      "Light" Mages are just for PVM. That's it. Without Ptangh they become useless. They can only heal himself/in group, or kill undead monsters, that's it.

                      Now, if you have a warrior with AB3 and basic spells (plague, resist fire, major minor, etc), and he has tons of earth res from seraph points, how can a mage stop his damage? Or the same with Archer with Cedar3 or Lance3. The PVP balance is that Mages < Warriors and Archers, period. Even the Seraph aura offensive aoe-burst gives Archers and Warriors extra boost to PVP.

                      That's why some add-ons are actually good, because it can be balanced to give Warriors and Archers some ways to keep up with the experience a bit better (currently Fire Mages can potentially triple their experience with ease), while balancing the Mages to match up a bit more evenly with the Archers/Warriors. I don't mean you need level 200+ toons, or even +180 toons, but i4 with a bit more diverse and easier exp to some classes would balance things out. If you have a Healer+Fire Mage going to Ptangh with inventory full of Manastones, they can be doing so much experience for several hours per pot-run to outlevel anyone. I'd argue it could be possible to receive level 120 -> 170 in a week of intense exping with this combination. It doesn't matter how good Warrior or Archer you have, it would take them nearly half a year to get somewhere near that same level.

                      There's decent balance in original game without server specific add-ons, but there are still a lot of unbalance as well. I have seen some nice balance in some servers, even better than the original non-add on servers, but the servers don't live long enough to get to the point where players are actually enjoying the PVP, occasional Events, and a good balance in exp between the classes, before someone uses cheats, a GM uses his powers to create unbalance, or the server just doesn't get enough money to be kept up anymore.

                      Also, some servers like MaggicRealm and Havoc used to have 20-50 people online for several months in a row, with any new content pushing closer to 100 than 20 for weeks. At times we had a group of idk, maybe 10 people group exping at level around 180-210 if I remember correctly at MaggicRealm, and that's disregarding all the people that were below level 180 and/or those who didnt participate group exping with us.

                      Abom had 100 people online for what, 2 weeks? And that was it, then it dropped and dropped.
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                        wipe the server already and shut up guys.


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