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  • for mouse.....

    Mouse why dont give a clear answer to the ppl ? why u hide behind keyboard .....??? u see that a lot ppl like pvp server with equip drops not like chickens server u keep support (realmud neyra 0 pvp drops)
    just give us an answer ....u think to wipe abo and all ppl come back? or u let it like this? ( erodas corrupt the server with orbs and lucifer give the final hit with i4 and destroy all original spells to 0 dmg )
    so the question is 1 u will reset or let it like this ..... pls answer

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    Mouse dont care for this comunity, dont care for nothing, 0 fucks givem, dont even anwser simple questions. Maybe he dont even read here, forums he might?


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      First of all Neerya had Pvp drop at start, then poeple starting to cry after one of the guild called "Amigos" own the server.

      Second Yeah there is Corruption at every level on every shard man, i still got old threat messages on neerya because i didnt wanted to give free items to his girl friend.
      And obviously the last abo was the worst, epic lag spike, account banned by random ppl, hackers get the stats they wanted, and mostly the corrupted erodas sold in game
      items for real money, so yeah i feeel your pain man..

      And last man, T4C had his moment, but it was realy bad managed, no pub, no stream, and the good HGM are realy rare, from the beginning.(Goa)
      Now the situation is like there worst games than T4C with better management working prety well, and all the community run away from T4C,
      my personnal pov is honestly dont wait for an other T4C server and even if there will one, dont expect much ppl after 2weeks or so poeple have no time for this shit anymore
      even if T4C is one of the best mmo i played...

      i hope u not taking this with rage or something, im honestly just telling what i live in 15-20 years of T4C

      Btw this song
      Still in my veins
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