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Easter egg hunt on gv!

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  • Easter egg hunt on gv!

    I have been really busy with RL stuff and ALMOST
    forgot about our Annual Easter Egg Hunt event, but
    I actually didnt forget.....soooooo

    At around roughly 1pm EDT, Im hoping to get as
    many staff and players online to put a good hunt

    1pm EDT = 10am Server Time

    The eggs will be hidden around noon server time,
    until then players will be able to play in Monster
    Spawn events.

    The egg hunt will take place on an undisclosed
    island, to which there will be only 1 entrance and
    1 exit.

    Players who log out on the Egg Island will need to
    WoR or send a GM ticket or email to be teleported
    off the island.

    All eggs will be able to be sold to the Egg Trader
    npc located in Windhowl Tavern ONLY!

    Suggested lvl for this would be 15+ as there will
    be random monster spawns done by the GMs during
    the egg hunting portion.

    As for prizes, this year I am planning something

    I will have 10 Golden Easter Eggs that only I,
    Kiya, will hide.

    These eggs will NOT be on the Egg Island.

    I will be giving prizes to those who find Golden
    Easter Eggs in this manner only:

    10 Golden Eggs = 1 Item of your choice(non GM) and
    50 Athena's Tears
    5 Golden Eggs = 1 item of your choice(non GM) OR
    50 Athena's Tears
    1 Golden Egg = 25 Athena's Tears

    As with this, I know some players might find any
    amount within the 1 to 10 range. To settle an
    problem that may happen, the brackets are set as

    1 to 4 Golden Eggs fall in the 1 golden egg
    5 to 9 Golden Eggs fall in the 5 golden egg
    10 Golden Eggs, well GREAT JOB LOL

    If someone actually finds 10 Golden Easter Eggs
    and turns them into me before visiting the Egg
    Trader, they will also receive a FREE title change
    or GENDER change. Title would be set to Master
    Egg Finder if the title prize is chosen. If the
    GENDER change is chosen, please be aware that we
    do not normally give out gender changes without
    charging in game gold, so if you choose this and
    later change your mind, it will cost you anywhere
    from 1mill gold or more.

    Now, to get people to attend the main egg hunt on
    Egg Island, the other staff online will not only
    be hiding Easter Eggs which can be sold to the Egg
    Trader, but they will be given certain special
    items that are very rare drops ingame to hide
    thoughout the island.

    Im hoping to get Flexius, Heaphaestus, Hauro, and
    myself all on with tons of players to do all of
    this, but thats wishful thinking due to it being a
    family holiday for some. Maybe to even entice our
    Grand Master Sysop Boboh to come play with
    us......who knows!

    It is 430am EDT now and I must hit the sack so I
    can be up on time.

    Grapevine Game Master


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