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So thought I would make a thread to GES and GV

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  • So thought I would make a thread to GES and GV

    Long story short after leaving GV I went to RM. God I miss GV and the family that is was. I made GES on RM to be in the top 3 and I kicked more people than were allowed to stay in GES. I tried hard to make GES again we had some of the best and nicest people. When I say the best it wasn't because of PVP, like on GV those who knew me there I was one of the very few who fought to protect people. I was allowed , which was rare, because I hunted the people who killed people for no reason. I was Grim, Grim Prevost, Gauner, and others.

    I went to RM because of how many people played back then. Of course I went to GV first when I came back but it was empty. I am not saying to not play on GV. If given the chance to do something I did for real companies I would advertise for it. But I left to just be left alone and play the game.

    I don't say many of my name and even this is a new account to post anything on the forums. But I had good friends on GV, GMs,HGMs, and Devs.

    The current state of T4C as a whole is garbage. The people who respond on active servers is just the same.

    BA's on RM are because of me and GES and they know it. No offence to BA's on GV. That is just how it is on RM they left GES on RM to make BA. Which I love to see that.

    Things that were never said here were why I left RM for a while. A bad Dev and HGM Onyx. Not gonna get into that mess again talking about it.

    Just wanted to say a few things. I lost many accounts recently some in the top 20 I've won like 9 or more PVP tournaments at the highest levels when like usual I am the only one who really does it in GES even there. I kept the same standards. Everyone in GES has a equal say. Me being the founder there meant nothing. Just like on GV we had a council of the oldest people in the guild they vote. Which is very odd on RM.

    So they got a new HGM and I was talking in private messages with that person. They say I made threats and I am currently saying to show the messages. Everything I was shown by Mouse I posted on the RM forums.

    If you have a say about how horrible I am go over to the RM section and tell them how bad I am. Again just giving you some very old names but anyone who knows me or those names knows I am fair. If this goes farther I will go into more detail.

    Thank you and miss my old GV family.

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    do he know no one care ? 0o0o


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