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  • Santa is coming

    Everyone (level 20+) will be getting one Athena Tear this year plus an item of their choice. Due to time constraints, the list of items are the same as last year. (Sorry)

    However, VIP members will be getting 25 Legendary Tokens this year in addition to the tear and item. I am currently working on the NPC that will allow you to spend these tokens. He'll make his appearance in the new year.

    I have also made the following changes in the game:

    Added a small quest to the re-3X quest when there are no 1x or 2x to donate blood.

    Added a quest to get the Ironwood Composite Bow for archers. See the Earth Mage in game for info. Note: Quest is for archers, Earth Mage won't give info if you're not an archer.

    Happy Safe Holidays to one and all,

    Hephaestus GM

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