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Things in process

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  • Things in process

    New OPEN pk VIP Island - Old VIP will go to no PK after added to realm. -- Testing
    The xp in the new area will be higher then the soon to be no pk area.

    200+ area -- Testing.

    XP Orb - No details as of yet -- Stay tuned as far as how/when/what/cost etc.

    Guild Scroll - Waiting to make it NON mule-able.
    If not able to do so soon, will release as is and will be the SOLE responsibility of Guild Founder to track who has one and who has access to the Guild chest - including but not limited to letting them know not to mule it. For removal of scroll to guild house, FOUNDER needs to contact Onyx, Freyia or Alastor HGM.

    Few new area's for events - Not going to be easy events mind you. TBA

    Looking at issue with spells - Elven site/haste etc. Would like to talk to players that currently have. Feel free to contact me on MSN or email for discussion.
    As well a few new spells made with new skins- Testing atm.

    BIG ONE - Map errors. PLEASE report map errors on the page I have provided to report these.
    Report Map errors HERE
    They are being addressed.

    Suggestion box - Would be wise to offer more general suggestions for questing etc.. then GIVE me this.. I want that.... etc etc - The idea behind this is things that would benefit the server as a WHOLE - Not just yourself.
    For RM's Suggestion box - Click here

    A few non announced surprises for ya guys as well - Will not spell it all out for ya :P

    Minor change to VIP collector - Will have to repeat "give" - Like with Tarantula eyes.
    This is unavoidable, sorry for the inconvenience.
    Drop rates on Grims and VIP medal items lowered a bit.
    Grims have an exhaust added to them - In process,testing.

    Other things being looked at but not limited too
    Fever arrows
    BM/Pally things
    and more...

    Professions - This is a longer and more involved process then originally anticipated. There are many factors to address, Just to let you all know is not laid to wayside. It is being worked on.

    Orbs - Idea for this is to make orbs similar to the power focuses. - Thoughts ?

    Sure I am missing a few other things.. but here ya go for now. None of this is in effect or finalized as of yet. IE - Not updated to RM yet.

    Feel free to bash,praise,input,suggestions and offer your own things.. via here or suggestion box/MSN/email ...

    Ty all .. and look forward to your input..

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    great job onyx btw O_o


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      Looks like you have been very busy.
      "Only Death can cast a friend from your side, or an enemy from your back"


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        yeah...the guy never sleep...lol


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          no pk area they got to u


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              Originally posted by Martial View Post
              great job onyx btw O_o

              Originally posted by ruderight View Post
              Looks like you have been very busy.

              Originally posted by Deathbud View Post
              no pk area they got to u
              Read some more Death. New area with MORE xp.


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                You know what would benefit the server as a whole... Getting rid of the req to wear the crimsonscale items to use the gems. Surely you knew that was coming?


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                  Changing something that has been a Vircom things from start ?


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                    [QUOTE=Onyx HGM;323]

                    Minor change to VIP collector - Will have to repeat "give" - Like with Tarantula eyes.
                    This is unavoidable, sorry for the inconvenience.
                    Drop rates on Grims and VIP medal items lowered a bit.
                    Grims have an exhaust added to them - In process,testing.

                    Other things being looked at but not limited too
                    Fever arrows (THOSE BETTER NOT CHANGE)
                    BM/Pally things
                    and more...


                    Everything but this looks like good work dont go fux with archers now lol... and also i think we should have new equipment( or at least more quests to add new skins to items already in game like new titan skin for example i know there is a lot of skins being wasted on celo items ect and also maybe a quest to change the color of titan ect to different color more customization and more quests for players to ahve fun collecting ect) and stuff added sick of all the same old builds and ish.
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                      Things in due time... as far as fever... There have been many complaints it is OP ...

                      Thoughts... ??


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                        Agreed with new Skins for Titan or platinum

                        I agree Id really enjoy seeing new color skins for Titan and platinum. I think it would bring a unique look and feel to the server! If possible give one or the other a try. or even one color per set please. A creation of a 500end armor would be really awesome for mages and warriors only if the Max level is lifted and lv 250 is more reachable.

                        FEVER is a must for archers. Please dont take it away. I think all these newer PVM arrows are a waste as is, but Blood tipped/Fever arrows should not be altered


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                          Yeah fever is kinda crazy. It's nice it helps other kill the bosses and contributing to gaining exp. It's hard to say what exactly needs to be changed about it. Normally I would say trueshots were fine for high levels since it was level dependant but considering archers can't level solo at high levels they need some help in some way. Just being a spawner is pretty crappy for any class. Always considered the archer as a loaner since they got crap exp compared to mages but thats how it always was. But now to level without a mage makes it pretty much impossible to level at all. I will always believe any class should be able to level alone.

                          Edit: Just wanted to point out the balance on archers compared to warriors. Archers have a new spell swiftness that increases archery while warriors have got nothing new that increases attack. So now everyone has more dodge and archery while warriors have the same attack. Swiftness should increase attack as well or another spell with a high str req is needed.
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                            In general :
                            -New quests created should elliminate items that are of no use (IE permits, raw crystals <<still too many on the ground even with 4i quest, etc), so there is no need for a "cleanup"
                            -New areas of xp should consider building classes (such as trees in RD VIP for high end chars to xp with armlet), so there should be monsters that use diff spells and some that just use melee. So both archers, warriors, bm and all other classes have a chance at xp that is fair.
                            -Maybe quests that expand on all 4 islands (starting from AR and not from AL)
                            -Perhaps a solution to the bishop problem. A quest that will poison/cure him as you need it (good / evil seraph) so you won't wait 3-4 days for somebody to change his state.
                            -Spells that are used better to xp, since all new spells are just PVP or PVP related. The only more "damaging" spell is boulder for 4i monsters.
                            -The creation of an area that is used only for group xp and create spells that depend on groups (such as blessings that depend on group number, or AC spells that need certain number in group, etc)
                            -Also, profession that you plan on rolling out, maybe you can make them specific for each char. So that not everybody can learn every profession. Maybe will be able to learn just one profession and trade items with other that have diff. professions.
                            -Orbs, maybe make them part of sets ? But not like a power focus, maybe more like a limited use, such as 1.5xp or +500hp or rapid healing or fast mana regen, or maybe even double drop chance ? (like item drops go from 1% chance to 2%)

                            In detail :
                            -Armors that are class specific ? (Fire armors, archer armors, water armors, and so on) that depend on powers/resists rather then stats ? (considering archers/warrios can use seraph points for resists). Also, more unique armors, not just complete sets. For example, Gauntles of shocking that are better then platemail because they give a little less AC but give stats. So you don't have to hunt for just sets, but rather individual components from diff monsters / quests
                            -Spells that are beneficial to all classes, for now, just earth priests are the best at xp-ing alone or in groups because they do massive PVM damage with boulders and have bigger healing spells to recover with. Spells that take usage of water/fire/dark and air that couse more damage in monsters are needed to balance out. (I know, priests are considered support class, but right now, they are offence and defence in PVM).
                            -Areas of xp / quests that are limited to some classes. For example, monsters with spells help archers / warriors xp faster, while areas with melee monsters help mages / priests xp better. Also, areas that are group only should always have a place on the map, since at some point you are encouraged to make friends / guilds and so on.
                            -Also, maybe areas that seraphs can fight according to allignament ? Good vs Evil ?
                            -Also, maybe an idea for armor/weaps upgrade. Quests that allow you to add bonus stats/ac/resists to armors or just upgrade them into something better as a whole that will require items for different upgrades.

                            I have more ideas that i haven't posted here, but if you want (and are not bored of reading) i can post them.
                            Good luck and great job with the server

                            Oh, and i forgot about the fever arrows Maybe cut the AC reduction to 10-15% ? Since, although archers have the range and damage advantage, the arrows render tank chars useless in PVP, those that sacrifice damage for resistance. Not all go for 400 end..
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