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Toons for sale

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  • Toons for sale

    Hey guys,

    I am currently selling all my toons. Email me at rioux49@hotmail.com for any more detailed info.

    Dragon Warrior Titan Scimmy lvl 232
    Earth Mage Divine lvl 241
    Light Mage Divine lvl 212
    Dark Mage Platinium lvl 202
    Non-Elemental Mage lvl 189

    Expect warrior and earth mage to be pricy lol

    Peace, Gnomey

  • #2
    ill give a crisp 1$ bill for all 5


    • #3
      I'll need to consider that offer very closefully my friend. I'll email you (never) when i've decided if i do accept or not! Peace out Silly


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        Good Lucky EG, I'm thinking youre selling for about $250.00 I don't think people will pay that kinda money now, hopefully I am wrong. But $5, is an insult too Silly! Something more around $120.00 $150.00 Tops


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          Smetty knows me too well i'd say. And about that 250+ that's mainly for the best stuff i have lol. I'm asking for 150 for DM, 120 for LM, 90 for Non-Ele, Ofc Earth mage 241 and Warrior 232 are pricy considering the time it took for them (still waiting on someone for warrior at 300$ and haven't got any offer for Gnome, but he has over 300m gold in chest and that isn't going for free lol).

          And silly offered me 1$ for everything. Of course that's a joke. Luv ya Eagle brother ROFL :P


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            so 750 for all?


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              no I was serious
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                rest in peace old friend


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