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Top 3 memories of T4C

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  • Top 3 memories of T4C

    #1 I was on wizardsrealm and got a redbook and shouted cuz I was a noob and
    excited, then I needed to learn invis so my friend irl who went to school with
    my brother said he'll take me to learn cuz his friend needed to so we all 3 went but
    they were just setting me up to rob the redbook so I learn it they recall then I noticed my
    book was gone so I went to town in invis that they just took me to get and found them trading
    so I stood on top of them while my friend dropped all his items he was trading to the guy
    for the book, then the guy dropped the redbook and I grabbed it and uninvised
    so I robbed my book back with the spell they took me to learn as they robbed it,
    was so fucking glorious lol

    #2 I was on realmud and did something to get rhodry hgm to come vape me 2x
    and I was lvl 204 with 999 str so I was pissed and told him off so he banned and
    deleted my char 1 lvl from 1k str and said if I was ever let back he'd quit hgm
    2 days later I was restored and back : D love you rhodry : p <3

    #3 I guess would be hitting 1k base str on realmud
    with the whole server against me I achieved what everyone said was impossible
    revenge is the sweetest joy next to getting *****

    What are yours !

    *edit* oh ya learning j2 was going down so I could finally
    cuss out that bitch ladywigglesnort def tops at least #2 and #3
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    Oh god this is hard

    Uh, killing all of SdC (pre-SPL) on a shitty BS warr with hide and AB3 at RST, one after the other. They didn't like me for some reason. Maybe it was all the trash talk. So much huehuehue.

    Getting to 175 finally to get AS3 on my warr and having to get through 37456234 SaPs to get to the crafting place in elven village with all my mats n stuff, was a proper war effort

    Getting really mad at Reorx for hogging priests with his guild, and him on his mortal char with 65k wis bless on
    ==> jump on fever archer, kill all his buddies
    ==> get jailed for 48 hours and then get offered a staff position

    Fighting in the big 3v3 tournament and 1-shotting rhodry on his healer with invis

    Fighting some random dudes at oracle chests with Reorx on a mortal paladin, be amazed that reorx just would NOT die
    discover that he had 500+ crit pots on him

    Sorry that isn't 3, and there's probably way more than that ^^

    Est solarus oth mithas


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      1. When I first started and was building a human warrior, Gilena GM had an event where she was dropping items in caves, she didn't mean to have the portal activated yet and I entered one, not knowing what I was doing and found a bunch of azure pieces, I had no idea what I had at the time.

      2. When Erebus HGM came walking up to me in the 4th island vip dungeon with the skin of a house.

      3. When I got my "Soul of Flare" or maybe when I won my black armor in a pvp tournament.
      "Only Death can cast a friend from your side, or an enemy from your back"


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        Oh man Gilean was awesome

        Est solarus oth mithas


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          yes, she was.
          "Only Death can cast a friend from your side, or an enemy from your back"


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            stinga told me I wasn't worthy of a soul of flare :/ lol


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              You'd have somehow lost it I'm sure

              Est solarus oth mithas


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                1) Discovering an AFK XP bug and AFK leveling my one character while guarding the only entrance with the other. Actually lasted for awhile before HGM discovered it invisi TPing to random people.

                2) Having to buy 2 LWC+3 in one day because I lost the other in a battle due to lag

                3) Using my paladin to spawn a crap ton of Time Protectors then blocking the door and watching people run up try to get in then die. Killed 2 of my rival Guild members before the rest recalled and got several pieces of Ancient.


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                  the first time I went to go seraph I was getting owned so clicked the door
                  and got ported back to sh made me so sad lol, I was prob like 10 years old

                  not really a happy memory but I'll never forget it


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                    1. When Erebus and Rerox HGM's gave someone a bow that spawns Reindeer's and the stone crest temple was full of deer's with a major lag.

                    2. When I became the First CoA to win a event.

                    3.Beating Punches SaP in a pvp duel
                    Ares GM



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                      They let CoA's win events now?
                      Damn poor RM haha

                      jk x)

                      Est solarus oth mithas


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                        only pvp event I ever won my teammate was a coa lol


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                          I can't say I'm surprised

                          Est solarus oth mithas


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                            For awhile CoAs were very high level. Camping that Eyeball boss, forget the name ha.

                            Your character was definitely one of the more challenging builds I have ever seen. Although I do not think it would be possible on any other server.

                            Stinga's AS+3 was also interesting build. I remember when you altered the healer hat and gave a perma boost lol


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                              #1 when I first started on vircom and nobody in t4c had been to Windhowl yet, and I thought wow these graphics are the shit. Lol

                              #2 gameRealm god wars were off the charts and it was the most intense pvp system literally made my heart race.

                              #3 original chaos server created and ran by Samson and Lux of GameRealm, had no shouts in the server, everything was over head and in pages, pvp was hard and leveling harder, incredible server pvp and play layout.


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