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Nov 30th Crafting Release

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  • Nov 30th Crafting Release

    Greetings Havoc Players and T4C Family!This weekend is going to be HUGE and we want to send out an invitation to all to come check things out! November 30th we finally will release our biggest project yet, Crafting! Due to the nature of this we are running a Double XP Weekend & and more! Sapphire Mist will be running a series of small events, Malachi will be running his cage matches, and I’ll host a paintball tournament as well for chances to win small packs of crafting goods (all events) to celebrate the birth of this much anticipated project.This Crafting Project is huge and AR is just the beginning. As we roll out AR Crafting you will find there are many choices to choose from. The Crafting scope is so big you need to choose a specific target and run with it, because learning ALL of the 400+ crafting recipes JUST for AR is going to be a grueling task to complete and resources are going to be limited. On release we won't leave you to chance figuring out this HUGE Crafting Maze, there will be walkthroughs posted on a day prior to release!Your GOAL should you choose to accept it is to gain as many resources humanly possible through mining nodes & collecting pouches of goods! A limited amount of Nodes (items to mine) will be strategically place throughout AR giving you XP/Gold/Crafting items based on your level and placed on a 30 minute re-spawn. Pouch of Goods will drop from all mobs giving XP/Gold & Crafting items based on a random selection of dice rolls.Don’t get left behind on this Crafting Craze as we stated AR is just the beginning! RD & SH will soon follow in the month of December. If you haven’t checked out Havoc lately, don’t miss your chance to be part of something HUGE! We will see you there as we kick things off starting at 12:00 PM EST (Double XP Begins at 12:00 AM 11/30/13 EST)!

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