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  • Dialsoft. @havoc.

    aswell as every other player who play's t4c im sure we've all been on havoc.
    I'm willing to put the time necessary into fixing havoc,if anyone's interested in making havoc reloaded a Top-server again.
    i have some ideas that could revolutionize this server..
    I wont beg.
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    Good Luck Alienvirus, I had already listed the things that would fix Havoc and the more veteran players of the server had agreed with the idea's I had put forth. once brought to Mouse it was a dead issue.

    I believe the end goal is to close both Havoc and Saga.

    Say I am wrong, but the way the servers are neglected it only makes sense that this is the goal.


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      Online users seems much lower over all than it did last month and the month before. at any given time my guild on World of Warcraft has 30 online, thats more than 3 servers sometimes 4 T4C servers combined.

      My Guild > 4 T4C servers lol.

      Handling this whole T4C thing all wrong. yall should just come join my guild and rock the horde with me.


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        ^ agreed yo, t4c's dead, i can't believe i got suckered into it again... always the same pattern for me: play like crazy for a few months, then lose interest rapidly once i re-recognize the same patterns of bullshit


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          Feel free to quit =) Atleast d be less tears and snot lol

          Saga x4 Champion


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            Far from the truth but dead on to the reason t4c's dieing, and it's not the community's fault,.. Fucking dialsoft idiot's putting on specials for lower gold prices and shit when they're losing players on every server daily,

            Every part of this company running t4c needs to be changed, Out with the retarted in with the work-aholics.. because every single t4c server has problems that player's have been fighting to be fixed for a long time,
            I'm tired of the staff more than i am the fact that the server's i play normally have no player's. i can manage,

            Mouse \ Lucifer, Congratulations. you are the reason that T4c's dieing, thanks fuckers. Abomination 0 players alll day long, i'll let my characters rott in hell. worst money i''ve spent in my life and i bought vip on havoc, :$ what are the chances.

            ( New Hgm, New dedi, new revolutionary staff-player communication, t4c will live. )
            ( Stay how you are, greedy pricks, t4c will die.. and i'll be sitting back watching it


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              ow that hurt, and i'm don't even dialsoft


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                Please. Dialsoft. Don't let your company die, GIVE ME HAVOC.. I'll FUCKING PAY IF I HAVE TO.... That server's Set up perfectly to be the BEST t4c server of all time. fuck Versitility... I'd restore EVERYTHING PEOPLE LOVED ABOUT T4C...


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