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PvP Event Rules & Rewards

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  • PvP Event Rules & Rewards

    To encourage people into joining pvp events we decided to make few changes in titles, rewards system and brackets:


    Ppl can still get their title winning a pvp event but they can keep it just for 1 Month. If they want to renew their title they have to join next pvp event too (don't need to win it to keep the title, just need to join). Also Titles will be assigned on the winning toon only, you can't decide where to put it.

    Reward System:

    To make things harded and to make differences related to the bracket to join in PvP Events, we decided to set a system based on Tokens:

    Each time you win a PvP Event you'll get a PvP Token. You can then trade tokens for items: more tokens = better items ofcourse. The max number of tokens that can be traded at once depends on the level of the toon. Here the list of items you can choose and of number of tokens you must have:

    #1 PvP Token: All Items from AR to the isle you're in (no 4i-5i-6i boss/quest items)
    #3 PvP Tokens: All Radan Boss/Quests Items;
    #5 PvP Tokens: All Artica Boss/Quests Items;
    #7 PvP Tokens: All Akropolis Boss/Quests Items;
    #9 PvP Tokens: All GM Items (just once, you can't take same item more than 1 time)

    Here the list of max amount of tokens you can trade at once:

    Levels 51-100: MAX 3 Tokens;
    Levels 101-140: MAX 5 Tokens;
    Levels 141-200: MAX 7 Tokens;
    Levels 201+: MAX 9 Tokens.

    People lower than lev 51 won't get a PvP Token, they need to choose a prize between AR-RD items.

    Tokens will be undroppable, will weight 0 enc and will be summoned only on the toon who won the event. This means that Tokens can't be traded from a toon to another one.


    Each pvp event will have the following brackets:

    25-50, 51-100, 101-140, 141-170, 171-200, 201-220, 221+

    Other Rules:

    1) No god pots
    2) No Rob
    3) No Portals
    4) Everything else is ok
    5) Only LvL 201+ are allowed to use 6th heal pots
    6) All items are returned
    7) Be online at the correct time
    8) All chars will be dispelled befor event

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