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End of an Era

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  • End of an Era

    Good day Trilogites It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that on 11/01/2013 Trilogy will close its doors forever. If you chose you may join any other Dialsoft Server your VIP time will carry over to it. Realmud is going to offer a 2x seraph and 5 million gold to players that transfer from trilogy only if your account was activated prior to 10/01/2013.
    If you would like to go to a different Dialsoft server feel free to contact me and I will see if I can get you a deal there. My email is

    Thank you for your loyal patronage over the years


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    for the ones that like to troll the boards, this is not the topic for that want to see what a ban is troll it and you will find out.


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      It's always a sad time when a server closes. My thoughts go out to the players and staff and I wish them all luck for their future t4c endeavors.

      Retired Realmud HGM.


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        As a prior Trilogy Dev, I am very sad that this is happening. I have a lot of very fond memories with that server. If anyone from Trilogy wants a place to call home, I would recommend Saga as a friendly server. I am currently a player there and I am willing to help out old friends. See Paschar LoT HL in game or send me a message on here.

        On another note:


        Do you have a server you will make home? Saga would love to have yourself or Jay HGM. Lucifer and Jay HGM are 2 of the most dedicated staff members in Dialsoft history as far as I'm concerned. Saga is in desperate need of a Dev, so please consider sending us one of your Devs. Thank you for your service to the community over the years!

        ~Evander DGM
        Laid to Rest( Havoc )
        Deimos - 4x 230 Dragoon
        Osiris - 4x 211 Battlemage
        Pavati - 4x 220 Water Mage
        Nebula - 4x 199 Fire Mage
        Khepri - 4x 182 Light Mage
        WetYourDiaper - 4x 150 Poison Archer
        Jackpot - 4x 100 Archer

        Paschar - 3x 142 Air Mage
        Popcorn - 3x 140 Archer
        Deimos - 2x 11 Earth Mage


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          I said do not troll my topic..
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            Hammer your last three paragraphs do not belong in this topic.

            The decision was already made. It was an extremely difficult decision for them to make. Mouse, Lucifer, Jay, and many others put a lot of time into that server.

            I look forward to the future and seeing Lucifer and Jay continue their involvement with this game. Thanks a lot for the time you have already put in. It has been enjoyed for many years by a large variety of players!!


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