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Ever Write a quest for T4C

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    luci check your e-mail
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      Leave it to me to bring up an old thread... *sigh*
      Oh well. :-P
      Am I the only one who actually reads storylines?
      The story of T4C is actually what drew me in all those years ago and part of what kept me here.
      I play MMORPGs not just for the bip-bip-bip-boom "ahaha you're dead!", but also for the roleplay aspect of it. I mean, an MMO without a story is just dull in my humble opinion. And playing one without knowing the story is just darn confusing. So what if I have these items and abilities if I don't know where I got them and what their significance is?
      So even today, 12 years after I started playing T4C, I still find myself reading the dialogues and getting immersed in the storylines. For me, it's part of the fun!

      There ya go, my 2 cents... keep the change...
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        I love a good story line, Its quite time consuming to make but I believe its well worth it.


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