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  • RealMud Air bmage 4x

    Hello guys,

    I need some help with a air bmage.
    I think ill go for 400 end.
    Do you think i should learn some spells for faster lvling? And where should i put my powers in?
    I was thinking going all air power, because of the resist spells and titan i should have enough resistance.

    Do you guys have any tips or idea's you wanna share with me, also do you think 400 end is good enough or should i go for divine or plati? (180end-300end)


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    Hi there,

    I would advise you to skip levelling spells altogether (the air bm pvm weapons are excellent), and I would advise 115 air power and the rest in earth resistance. 400 end is fine, you will be very tanky with your spells and bless. 300 end is good too if you want an extra punch, but a bit harder to level and a bit squishier.

    Est solarus oth mithas


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      Hello Stinga,

      Thanks for the advice, ill stick with 400 end then and leave the spells out.



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        Good luck with the build Rich, pm in game and let me know how you do!


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          want some true advice? you will never find anything that can kill a 220+ warrior on RM (except maybe another warrior), because the levels are getting so high now, the dragon/titan warriors have the biggest ac/resists/aura heal/most pots and best of all...the highest damage easily, when i played on RM my mahog bow practically healed pitbull...RM is designed for warriors to own everything and easily...which is the reason i don't play there anymore...lacks versatility, RM was great when level 180 was high but at 220+ nothing stands a chance except warrior...just saying i wouldn't bother building anything on RM but a titan warr, or maybe dragon


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            I came to the same conclusion while browsing RM's addons : While they are totally fine for lvl 180-200ish, balance tends to be broken with 20-30 more levels Under the belt, because of the faulty and too much permissive experience curbe above lvls 200, letting people slowly but surely reach the level cap, which should remain impossible.

            T4CDev should really make that curve editable so servers can balance out their content with the corresponding exp curve made for it.


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