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    Hello everyone,
    I am new to t4c and blah so hey, basically i made a account ages ago barely leveled and quit. My noob account is on trilogy as it seemed to hold lots events and stuff based off looking at the forum, and while people are generally helpful there just is almost no one online it is not uncommon for me to be on my own, the game seems fun on itself but no one likes playing alone especially when learning.
    would you mind telling me what server you play and why? also if you had to start again would it be on the same server?
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    I would recommend abo:

    No other reason than thats the server I played on latest.
    Abo 1: Major Gump x3 (Archer), Minor Gump x3 (Warr).
    Abo 2: Iva Major Ivy x2 (Warr), Sylver Major x3 (Warr), Ivah Major x3 (Warr), Major Ivy x2 (Archer), Vul Major Ivy x2 (Paladin), Arch Major x1 (Light Mage).
    Abo 3: Major Gump x2 Level 130+ (Warr), Arch Ivy x1 Level 57(Fire Mage)
    Abo 4: Major x2 Level 143+ (Warr), Major Sneeking x0 Level 90+ (Archer)


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      I started on realmud in nov. 1999 and in 03 quit. I returned in 08 and went straight to realmud. Back in the day it was the varity of players and the controversy that hooked me. Today I just like the people that play there. Not to say that I wouldn't or couldn't find the same else where but I'm happy where I am. GO REALMUD
      Realmud Game Master
      Have Fun!!!


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        Trilogy is building back up yes its still a little slow but we are getting there we are introducing more and more content very quickly so just come on back and say hi


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          I recommend Trilogy. you want PvP? Trilogy has full pvp with only backpack losses no equipment loss we are a top 3 choice for those that love blood.
          want GM interaction? no server has GM's online as much as Trilogy.
          want Events often? Trilogy staff throw events like frat boys throw parties.
          want content? Trilogy released content today and already have begun to build new content, we produce content faster than any other server.

          why do we have a low player base? I don't know that answer but I do know that because its low people do not give us a chance, and its time for people to see that Trilogy is the best server in T4C and we can prove it if you take us up on our challenge to prove it. Join us and spend 30 days and then make your decision.


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            I might say RealMUD.. But ya might say I am tad biased on that point :P


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              as I tell everyone who posts this kind of post. Each server has trial periods and such, or are free to play. Pick one, go try it out. If you don't like it, move to another. Only thing you will see is everyone posting MINE is best LOL. I could do the same but feel you should go where you are happy and enjoy playing.
              You can either complain and be part of the problem or help and be part of the solution.


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                but mouse when you say yours is better that s a whole lot of servers to think of i admit i am biased but i stayed at the onle i liked after being with alot of them


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                  If you know french any of the three of them are solid choices as well.


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                    GRAPEVINE ALL THE WAY BABY!!! Yes, Im biased, but oh well. Started there in '99, quit in the late part of '04, came back and forth a few times, now back more permanent. Yes, Im a GM there and do assist in development, but we at Grapevine strive to give our players/members what they want as far as content. Although, we arent up to the current version as of yet(on standby), we do offer tons of great server specific items, islands, quests, etc. as well as special events all the time.

                    Kiya GM
                    Grapevine Game Master

                    OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!


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                      Try them all, its the best way to find out what you like.. I have played them all, Realmud, Havoc, and Saga were the 3 i spent the most amount of time at, but the others are probably just as good, just not as familiar with them. I personally play Saga at the moment.


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                        I have played at all the sever list even the German one. lol & even a few illegal sever And out of all that are left

                        my standing would go

                        1) RealMud
                        Reason for rm being at the top is the staff is helpfull for most part the gamer there seem to be ok. good content
                        & an database for that content.
                        down side to rm is even tho the number are there always alot of player just afk for hrs. then th better gear is all a pain in the ass to get.
                        2) Saga
                        reason is the play base is for the most part cool. plus i got irl family there
                        down side there is alot more downside here content being removed then readd ( due to past corruption ) pvp changes in range. changing in base item without let player know & selling those item ( bait & switch ) altho once someone pointed it out a refund was offered. slow leveling on 4th. & the be bigest pain the sever seem more geared for mages then any other class.

                        3) Grapevine
                        good sever all the way around altho alot more french ( seeing as i have to translate evering it kills a little fun )

                        4) havoc

                        was the one of best yr ago but after being screwed a few time i really don't feel at home there anymore

                        5)Memoria,Neerya, NMS Revolution
                        good severs too altho these are french & again i had to translate everything even the npc )

                        To much new content no player base & last time i was there they had a corrupted person in a position of power.

                        this sever makes it to the last of the legit because i refuse to play there due to corruption yrs ago.
                        altho i have a few friends that have said it much better then it was.

                        as alot of player have pointed out it goes by what you like & want.


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                          for got to say why the content was bad for Trilogy.

                          A ton of new crap with no info on the stuff & no one on to even get an ideal of where or how to get it.


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                            From your post if you want to play with a lot more players online the best server would be Realmud if you like a personal approach with just questing and doing everything your self you could go to most others in the end it really depends on what type of gamer you are..... If you like more competition and dont mind being pk'd while building then go to havoc or realmud if you dont like competition or your french or some shit go to anyone of the other but you prolly made the best choice if you like small populations on going with trilogy grapvine is horrable and not free to play and like way behind in content then most servers and abo is a good server but is meant for hardcore pvp with 100% equipment drops.


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                              Grapevine isnt hugely French anymore. More english speaking players now. We do have french and spanish speaking players who have specific channels, but the majority are english speaking now. Hope that helps.

                              Kiya GM
                              Grapevine Game Master

                              OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!


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