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  • Quickbar Use & General Question

    Hi everyone,

    I just started on the RealMud server and I've noticed there's almost a quick bar at the bottom of the screen. You can click on the arrows to take you to the second, third bars etc.

    How do you use this bar? I'd like to put some of my spells in it but all I'm able to figure out is how to assign a Function key through the macro. I can't drag or drop or anything.

    Also, What's going on with everyone selling accounts lately? I've noticed a lot of that on the various forums and I was just wondering if that meant anything.


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    The quiest way is to look in the f1 screen. They did a wounderful job of updateing that info
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      on the macro screen click once on the spell/skill/item then go to the box you want it in (in the macro screen) and left click that box. As for accts being sold that's a regular thing.
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        Thank you Thea.

        I did read the F1 help, I didn't find it that helpful for gameplay. I also tried reading stuff at various other server sites and even a general google search. To be honest, I'm surprised at the lack of general gameplay information now compared to a decade or so ago when this game first came out. You could easily find anything you wanted, it looks the only good website left from back then is the T4C bible and thankfully Yane's maps are still around.

        Take care.


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          Since im an old players, i usually put the spells i use the less in there, like minor/major/emanate etc. or any spells i didnt had a macro in the past for it


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