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T4C is Going Back To School!

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  • T4C is Going Back To School!

    Summer Break is drawing to a close, and we at Dialsoft know that many of you or your kids will be returning to school.

    Your time will deplete, your school supplies will mound, headaches will excel...

    What better way to alleviate some of that stress than to spend it with us on T4C? Go out on new adventures, gain experience and grow stronger, kill your friends! T4C will be there for you through the start of the school year. To sweeten the deal, we figure we'll treat all of our players with a Back to School month! Throughout this month you will see in game events, Credit Sales, Seraph Sales... Who knows what crazy things we will come up with next....

    There's only one way to find out! Keep checking the T4C News throughout the month of August to see what our crazy sleep-deprived brains have come up with!

    Do you feel worthy, punk?

    Current Promotions:

    To see current promotions, visit the T4C News Page
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