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  • Bible UPDATE

    Bible will be updated in the next few, during this time frame it will be up/down a few times and will be doing so over the next 2 hours.

    The Bible will go down in about 5-10 Mins...

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    We seem to be updated, there might be a few more up/downs.
    If you find an issue with some part of bible Pls let us know via this thread ASAP .. Thanks


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      Is there anyway that some of the old treads from the old bible could be transferred over to this new site?

      Im sure that there are plans to bring things like Item charts, quest charts and so on.... But also threads like the Char build section i think would be worth having on the new bible as well.


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        a lot of the old content will be moved. we had some errors with the board before the update today now that everything working correctly, we can start moving stuff into the new site..


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          Bible is looking good. Thumbs up.

          [edit, suggestion] Would be nice if we could click the server's name on the first forum page (under "English T4C Servers") instead of having to enter that subforum and only then go to the server forum.
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            What happen to the link?

            i dont see the quest or anything on the new bible as of yet & no spell weapon list or maps


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              content is being moved over. Old bible was taken down for security reasons. We are working to get the lists and such back up.
              You can either complain and be part of the problem or help and be part of the solution.


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                is there any other site besides bible to get quests from? im working on a few right now and i don't have them memorized.


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                  Originally posted by trost View Post
                  is there any other site besides bible to get quests from? im working on a few right now and i don't have them memorized.
                  Grapevine has the crimsonscale, not sure what else they have... you can check it out.



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                    Any chance the old bible website can stay up for nastalgic reasons? Or post some screenshots of it that i can save and keep in a box.
                    Abo 1: Major Gump x3 (Archer), Minor Gump x3 (Warr).
                    Abo 2: Iva Major Ivy x2 (Warr), Sylver Major x3 (Warr), Ivah Major x3 (Warr), Major Ivy x2 (Archer), Vul Major Ivy x2 (Paladin), Arch Major x1 (Light Mage).
                    Abo 3: Major Gump x2 Level 130+ (Warr), Arch Ivy x1 Level 57(Fire Mage)
                    Abo 4: Major x2 Level 143+ (Warr), Major Sneeking x0 Level 90+ (Archer)


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                      +1 for the box bit

                      Est solarus oth mithas


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                        I posted quite a few screenshots from the screenie contest old bible had. I can make all the images available as a zip for ya guys sometime and available for DL.

                        As far as all the quest details old Bible had, They are now converted and listed under "Quests" off the Bible main page. Also note "Spells" "Items" "NPC's" and "Charts"

                        Few more pages to go. Please feel free to make suggestions for pages to add or different sections you would like to see.


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                          I sure you all have a plan to add the maps back but is there an ETA on that?
                          & how about the old programs & hints & tips


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                            Most of the old programs and such are obsolete.
                            Mappings.. yes. There is a process for Google API to be used for part

                            Hints and Tips.. Sure


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                              In my opinion, the new T4C bible interface is beautiful, but they way the informations for T4C are placed is really ugly and not friendly to use. In my opinion I prefer to use the OldT4C bible even with the ugly interface, but at least it is easy to find and locate the informations you need....

                              Really hope you won't scrap this useful tool that is (Or was) T4C bible...


                              Unconfigured PHP Module