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RM: 1.72 Update!

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  • RM: 1.72 Update!

    Greetings all!

    We’re glad to announce that today Realmud will be updated to 1.72!

    The update will come... right now! and the server will be down during the process, it shouldn’t be down for too long. Once it’s up we will test it to be certain everything's okay and then allow you all to log-in.

    Things 1.72 have to offer:

    • T4CUpdate (updated webpatch for downloading files and it provides more information).
    • Questbook (to view available, in progress and completed quests) - though will be active in time.
    • Emoticons (in-game smileys).
    • RolePlay Modes (to start or join roleplay events with other players).
    • PVP System (a capture the flag pvp system).
    • Interaction Points (earned from the RP and PVP systems).
    • Automated CC’s for the RP/PVP systems (announcements, etc).
    • FX Audio (ambient sounds).
    • Listed Storage Chest (with tabs similar to the auction house).
    • Modifications to the AH (more stability and ability to sell more items).
    • Corrections (server security and stability).

    Thanks to all those that have worked to make this possible.

    You can see the original 1.72 posting also.

    P.S you'll also notice the server IP in the client window is just 'Realmud' now.
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    Retired Realmud HGM.

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    You'll also notice for the weekend... 2X XP! Enjoy.

    Retired Realmud HGM.


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      Good for you guys!
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      Abo 1: Major Gump x3 (Archer), Minor Gump x3 (Warr).
      Abo 2: Iva Major Ivy x2 (Warr), Sylver Major x3 (Warr), Ivah Major x3 (Warr), Major Ivy x2 (Archer), Vul Major Ivy x2 (Paladin), Arch Major x1 (Light Mage).
      Abo 3: Major Gump x2 Level 130+ (Warr), Arch Ivy x1 Level 57(Fire Mage)
      Abo 4: Major x2 Level 143+ (Warr), Major Sneeking x0 Level 90+ (Archer)


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        WAHOO Great Job Guys
        Realmud Game Master
        Have Fun!!!


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          Great job, guys!

          Can't wait until Havoc goes 1.72 too!


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