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Help me Find these old players

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  • Help me Find these old players

    Rhianna HGM of KC
    Ozzmossis of J2 and the like
    Jeska head dev to KC
    Lady Wigglesnort of J2
    Tobin, leader of the AWH

    so many things I need to tell numbers, emails, facebooks, anything, plz help me

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    I'm still over there.

    Haven't seen Rhianna on instant messenger since a couple years tho. And I'd prefer to forget about Ozzmosis entirely.


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      Lol. We are all T4C Family


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        I asked a few old J2 people, nothing came up.

        I doubt you'll find any AWHs left anywhere.

        My best advice is to pop on to Trilogy and ask the staff there, they are pretty much the last remnants of the people who remember those days.

        Est solarus oth mithas


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          heh...I was originally kidding when i said I'm one of the last AWH left.......more then anything i need to find Rhianna, things left unsaid and junk........


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            IF you want to try and get hold of rhianna you want talk to Evander he knows rhianna and her son, here quick link to his profile:


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              @Nick Stellmacher

              I am close to Rhianna and her son in real life, and they are both friends of my family. Last time I heard from her about a month ago, she plays guild wars. Not sure what her account name or player name is on there. What server you play on Nick, I will inform her that you are looking to get a hold of her.

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