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    wboos and shoo appear more rare then they are because they suck, you have to go out of your way to get them and no one needs, not that they aren't rare but ya
    *edit* no one even mention wboos, I didn't really read before I posted, wboos and shoo always what I understood as what people considered as the most rare items anyway

    j2 finaly put in gm items and the item list req were op
    some of those fine gems are a bitch when you need like 10+, and the shit that sits on tables or w/e the fuck baskets and shit that only spawn once a reset in wh or w/e and everyone wants em, make hunting black prophet a sigh of releif

    most things are stupid to go get, i always just get gold best i can and buy the stuff i need, people spend 10x longer hunting something than if they just went and got like redbooks to sell and buy it
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      Eh, different strokes for different folks
      If you've done all there is to do and can't be arsed to lvl or whatever, sometimes players go for the long-ass quests for no real reason
      Like Saros and his gemblade

      Wboos as in the thing bane drops? Because you gotta kill bane for whichever quest it was I'm sure there are a few floating around

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        for some reason I didn't mind getting red books, think it had a lot to do with aba, later on in my years when I was bored id put aba on and just go kill skraugs for fun lol, sickest weapon ever in any game specialy with ridic str, something about 1 shotting skraugs with a melee weapon only pve I ever enjoyed in any game

        my brother used to spend like 3 hours hunting something that costs like 500k, and id be like dude ur dumb u know how many redbooks u can get in 3 hours at 500k a pop

        when my zerks hit 130 and stopped xping id hunt 10 a day just to pay for pots for the longest time, id go pk all day while it was lively till I got down to like 1m gold or pvp got slow then go back to skraugs
        when I think about it I got so many of them its embarrassing to think about, wb 120m, botb x3 150m, awh 50m, that's over 300m in red book for just 3 item I used, which is a small fraction of what I spent on pots and that's just 1 char 1 time...

        damn t4c need to give me some reinburstments or something lol ;\

        but ya all games I play I'm like that, find the best way your able to make gold then sell that stuff to buy what you need, most time effecient
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          All those pots at least kept gold inflation somewhat under control I guess ^^

          For me it was farming with meteor

          Have played loads of mmos and still havn't found one with a skill as cool as meteor

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            the day i realized the amount i spent on pots was absouletly staggering, was 1 day lizzie was like damn silly ive spent 36m on pots just fighting you, and in my head i stop and go what ?!
            ive barely even faught her at all at this point and even in the end we had great fights, but on a pie chart she wouldnt even register(as someone ive used a lot of pots on 1v1 let alone 90% of the time it was me vs multiple people), made me step back and be like damn
            and that's with her entangling and shooting me 90% of the fights, i used way more vs her then she used on me since i gotta sit and spam till i get to her

            guarantee ive spent more on pots then anyone else in t4c not that it makes me cool or I'm proud but its a fact, just the simple fact i ran around all day everyday trying to pk everyone always, and if 8 people outside temple and that's all that's goin on, id come out in front of everyone 10x in a row getting as many as i can just blowing thro gold, just for the point of making sure everyone knows that yo, this mother fucker on the rise and we dun fucked up

            and say to themselves, damn gotta leave server we been on 8 years and abandon the empire we built, and business we run and go restart fresh on havoc or something, hes almost within 30 lvls of us
            (uaehauheYouauehauehAlreadyauehaeuhaeuhKnoweauhuah eauWhoheauehueaheuheuahe)

            never did put a potion selling npc anywhere random on arakas or something that looked like me like i suggested after i quit many times ;\ rude ! ;p
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              T4C Shotgun


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                I know at one point Galadriel Dt had one and it was the only one.


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                  I think about it I got so many of them its embarrassing to think about, wb 120m, botb x3 150m, awh 50m, that's over 300m in red book for just 3 item I used
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                    Moon gems and frostbane sword, took a few years to gather the 400+ necessary to do serious damage with that thing.


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