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i want to learn portugese

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  • i want to learn portugese

    Ive always wanted to learn protugese kinda after playing t4c as a young kid... recently I notice I pvp alone a lot and get bored of music would be perfect if I could listen to something teach me verbaly while I play games

    anyone know something like that I can go get ? or atleast where would be the best online place to learn if none I can just listen to while I pvp

    thanks !

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    I thought you were fluent. You have the HUEHHAZEHAUHAEUAHZEUHAUERHZEZEPR whatever down perfectly

    (on topic: babelfish?)

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      lol check out my name ;p you know me so well 0o0o


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        muito tempo jogando em vip 185, voce aprendar portugese! heuheuheu! Nao jogando muito agora. nem tempo pra isso.



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          wth I got a free version of rosseta stone to try, and it shows a picture of likea guy in a suit at a table in a resturarant eating asandwhich, and it tells me a word in portugese and says how to say it, but it doesn't say what the word is, I dunno if it means, guy, male, man, resturaunt, table, lunch, eat , dine, dinner, food, sandwhich ?

          stupid as hell and took hella long to dl free version to think I give up ;\ gonna try to get a pirated version of another kind and if it actualy tells me what words I'm learning hopeufly I can be back here in 1 year and have learned something ;\

          very disappointed in rosseta stone


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            tried this morning, is a picture of a girl at a table, then says portugese word, I assume it means girl, next slide is a girl running so I assume it means running, next slide is a man running wit htotaly dif word, so apparently the word I was learning isn't "Running" so wtf ?

            how do u memeorize a word when u don't evne know what one it is ? shits fucking retarded for real

            I need osmethign that says like Car then the Portugese word for car

            not a picture with 1000 thigns going on and I'm supposed to assume, u cant memorieze something ur just assume it means something like wtf, rosseta stone some stupid shit and piss me off ! lol


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              What game is that?
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                dark age of Camelot, heres a video of a melee char I solo'd on many years ago, way before it was posted n youtube if uwanna see actual game play


                big open lands u run around and pvp on


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                  not claiming to be an expert at foreign languages but if I was learning another language that is prevalent in one South American country I would start by using two "U's" to spell portuguese.
                  Pretty sure you will now be able to use Rosetta Stone to your full potential.
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                    Portuguese is not very difficult


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                      muito tempo jogando em vip 185, voce aprendar portugese! heuheuheu! Nao jogando muito agora. nem tempo pra isso.
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