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  • Getting desperate

    Ever since the server physically relocated, I've got 25-75% packet loss. I've tried all sorts of things over the month, contacted comcast and verified it was not on my end, tinkered with settings, TCP/IP, tried different DNS IP's, reinstalled, ETC. I've basically toyed around with things for hours after work EVERY DAY. I've even tried a vpn, and while it was a slight improvement it was nowhere how it should be. Being on a PVP server, avoiding any fight in fear of a lag out( which is about every 10 seconds), you can understand how truly frustrating this is making my experience. This is on the server end, not mine, and seeing as how i'm on the west coast it shouldn't be an issue... I wonder how many other players simply gave up trying to play because of this. Could it be anything to do with DDOS protection? Is my connection speed (250mb+) conflicting and rejecting 1/4 server pings? I'm no expert when it comes to this stuff...just speculations after a month of research and trial and error with no improvement. I'd be happy if anybody was willing to suggest or have me try something, I'm truly desperate.
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