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  • [T4CDev] 1.72

    Hello to all!

    • Adding: system of phases Roleplay

    This is a system that allows players to engage RP sequences of game during which they will earn points based on their activity roleplay. These points can then be exchanged for custom lot.

    - The accumulation of points of interaction in RP (and only during the RP phases) allows you to gain levels RP.
    - The levels provide a bonus to gain points of interaction during phases RP.
    - From the level 10 RP, one can create oneself of RP phases via the button "Interaction RP" of the character sheets.
    - The gain of points depends on the activity of the player, the number of participants in the phase, on their location (only the local RP is taken into account) and the level RP of the player.
    • Adding: graphics

    Many graphics have been added concerning the particular vegetation. Almost all the trees have been redone, and many others have been added to vary even more than the scenery.

    - Replacement and addition of vegetation of forest.
    - Replacement and addition of vegetation of the desert.
    - Replacement and addition of vegetation snowy.
    - Replacement and addition of vegetation of the marshes.
    - Replacement and addition of streetlights.
    • Adding: T4CUpdate

    The webpatch dragged for nearly 15 years with its many bugs is no longer. It has been replaced by T4CUpdate which is more efficient, gives more information and to correct all bugs of its predecessor.

    • Adding: Chest with contents list.

    Very much in demand for a long time, there is now possible to have a more orderly presentation of its chest to better find.

    - Presentation by tabs classes depending on the position of the object to equip or other objects of classes in the section "Miscellaneous".
    - Add a search feature to display only the object(s) desired(s).
    - Added option to enable or disable this new display.

    • Adding: automated messages on CC.

    We have added a few automated announcements on the CC in the following cases:
    - A player kills another (CC PVP). This generates the random messages different to indicate who has beaten that.
    - A phase roleplay is launched. This allows you to invite everyone to join the phase.
    - A part of arena PVP is launched. This allows you to invite all those of the same approximate level that the initiator of the party to join the party.
    - A part of arena PVP is completed.
    • Add: the emoticons.

    We put at your disposal of the smileys accessible via a button located to the right of the chat bar.

    - The emoticons are usable only in local and are displayed above the head of the character.
    • Adding: the arena PVP.

    This are of specific lands for the capture the flag. There are two game modes: either the two opposing teams must capture the flag and return it to their respective camps, they either have to pick up the flag of the opposing team.

    - There is no loss of objects, gold or experience points in arena PVP (regardless of the settings in the server).
    - The participants are divided randomly into two teams: the reds and the blues.
    - The players of a team stand out from the other by the change in appearance of their cape in a cape to the colors of the team (the player kept the bonus of its cape or of its orb equipped).
    - During the game, all sentences typed in local are received by members of his own team.
    - Each death resurrected the temporary sanctuary from the arena and assigned to his team. It automatically retrieves all its points of life.
    - Potions, stones and prisms of mana can be specially used in arena and only in arena (which allows you to place a very low price while avoiding the abuse).
    - The capture of a flag is done by clicking on the flag and wait a few seconds that a progress bar to fill.
    - The bearer of a flag is an icon of emblem on the top of her head to indicate what flag it door and that it is he the bearer.
    - The flag is lost when the holder dies or he brings in a PVP zone Off (point of resurrection).
    - A point is marked when the flag is reported in the area of recovery of his team.
    - A table of scores displayed, at the end of each game, all participants with the points of the team, the individual points (interaction), the murders and the deaths of each. This table can be displayed at any time during the game via the flag icon located to the right of the chat bar.
    - The managers of one server can create as many arenas as they want in the type 1 (a single flag) or the type 2 (one flag per team).
    - Everyone can start a party by joining a free arena via the menu "Interaction PVP" located on the character sheets. All of the players included in the range of the initiator of the party (50 levels, +25 or -25) may join the arena. - Several different arenas can be launched at the same time.
    - The maximum time and the number of points to achieve are configurable by the managers of the server. - During the time preceding the launch of an arena, the list of participants is accessible via the flag icon located to the right of the chat bar. You can choose to leave the part via the same menu.
    - A small window displays the remaining time, the scores and the progression of capture the flag over the course of the game. - The main window of interaction PVP list all arenas and their respective descriptions to the right.

    • Add: the journal of quests.

    This journal list the quests of the game according to their level of difficulty and if they remain to be done, are in progress or have already been completed.

    - This system of accompanied by a specialized publisher to add quests manually.
    - The color of the title of the quest depends on the level of the quest compared with the level of the player (white if too easy, green if the same level approximately or red if too difficult). This color is for informational purposes only.
    - The side quests are classified by level and in three categories: available, in progress, or completed.
    - The quests available display a brief description of the quest and the rewards they bring (optional depending on the managers of the server).
    - The quests in course displayed the steps you have already completed the quest in white and the current step in green. Each step can describe the number of objects to report or the value of the flag to achieve with monitoring of the progress of the player (for example: Apple: 10/20). - The quests completed simply display a list of quests that you have already completed.

    • Adding: ambient sounds.

    It is now possible to add ambient sounds by areas in addition to the music and sounds. The volume of these sounds is configurable in the options.
    • MODIFICATION: hotel sales.

    Corrections of instability have been made and it is now possible to place a very large quantity of the same object which allows, for example, to sell large amounts of gold against objects.

    Concerning NMS, it is also possible to pay in ecus (virtual currency) to the hotel sales according to the price fixed by the sellers (optional). It is only to trade between players only. There is no generation of gold or of anything else by the system and no commission for NMS not more.

    • CORRECTIONS: Fix, security and stability.

    And we finish this summary with corrections on stability problems of client and server side for less of a crash as a on one side than the other and best optimizations.

    The version 1.72 , will be accessible of this evening in finalised version on NMS and will be deployed then gradually on the other servers Dialsoft, to begin by Realmud.

    In the hope that you enjoy the content of this new version, the T4CDev team wish you a good game on T4C!
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    Very nice, been waiting on this , looking forward to trying it out... love the new chest display. Cheers for it all guys.

    Retired Realmud HGM.


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      Ca m'a l'air sympa tout ca.. mais c'est quand que vous embauchez quelqu'un qui ne parle pas franglais? ^^

      Est solarus oth mithas


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        1.73 (Developer Diary) T4CDev

        Add: "HCS" Hybrid Communication System for NPC/Player
        This system will allow you talked to the NPC or by writing or answer choices by click.

        Add: Communication Box Frame NPC/Player
        Mod: Add new font commication color white.

        New graphic:


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          Draknet you guys are awesome!! Great job and keep up the good work. Thank you!!


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            This is amazing, can't believe my eyes I just wish custom made quests for each server will be easily added to the quest system. So abomination decides to use the new quest system.

            Well done!!!!

            Edit: Do you have a development website or something?
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            Abo 3: Major Gump x2 Level 130+ (Warr), Arch Ivy x1 Level 57(Fire Mage)
            Abo 4: Major x2 Level 143+ (Warr), Major Sneeking x0 Level 90+ (Archer)


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              Yeah, a development website in the other forum area would be nice
              Grapevine Game Master

              OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!


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                Kiya, im not sure what your asking for here?
                You can either complain and be part of the problem or help and be part of the solution.


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                  a dev site link
                  Grapevine Game Master

                  OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!


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                    Version 1.71 and 1.72 is all ready compatible with Windows 8 (X86) but not for version Windows RT (windows 8 ARM).

                    Version DESKTOP windows 8 X86 (x32)(x64)
                    Processor based on architecture X86 (Intel, AMD etc)

                    - Pentium 4
                    - Core I3-i5-i7
                    - Atom
                    - and more

                    - Phenom X"2,4,6"
                    - Athlon II
                    - AMD FX 2,4,6,8 core
                    - AMD APU Family
                    - and more

                    Not compatible
                    Version Tablet/Smartphone windows 8 RT (ARM)
                    Processor based on architecture ARM
                    - Snapdragon
                    - Nvidia Tegra
                    - Samsung ARM processor
                    - Apple A5 A6 processor
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                      You are planning on making T4C compatible for a tablet?

                      If so may I ask how that would be done? T4C relies heavily on a keyboard.

                      I ask this because you said "already compatible", which to me implies that the latter will be made compatible in the future.


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                        At this point there is no current plans to make it compatable with a tablet.
                        You can either complain and be part of the problem or help and be part of the solution.


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                          Are there any plans to actually release 1.72 on other servers ?

                          In the meantime, feel free to build toons with as much Stun Blow boosts as possible. This skill is so busted right now on 1.71 you can stun-lock away opponents with a fast enough weapon so they can't do anything besides drinking potions. Abomination players can confirm that.


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                            Realmud has this version 1.72 since few months.

                            Windows 7/8 have tablet based on architecture X86 but the processor x86 for tablet is too slow for running T4C... This is the true reason.

                            Atom Intel or AMD C-XX serie build for tablet PC is equal to processor of 2001-2002... too slow for T4C.
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                              Draknet, Realmud has had 1.72 on its test server. Mind you that we have had to do the french to english translation since all new features were only in french. Also we have been watiting on documentation for the new features. It does us no good to release a new version with out 1 knowing whats in it. 2 knowing how things even work. 3. Makeing sure everything works well for us.
                              With that said we have received most of the doumentation now. We have done quite a bit of testing. And will be releaseing 1.72 on realmud before long. Once it is released on realmud it will not be long before other servers will receive 1.72.
                              You can either complain and be part of the problem or help and be part of the solution.


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