It's ok so about the meteor damage if was bugged. Could talk about some little adjustment in abo ? Like new spells added example air spells (cause i got air mage there) . the new spells are not being used really cause don't make dmg on pvm too like the old spell, and the area effect added at lvl 150 air spell , isn't really an area effect, the spell hit the target+1 monster near , don't go hit in mass.. and i would to know excatly what formula is based the spell named Sirocco on abo server and the other air spells too cause , talkin with Lucifer he said that was based from 50 and 50 ( int wis) but it seem don't work really, we tested it goin more int or goin more wis, and we tested it goin half and half, dmg always the same atm is like wasted stats points for a spell that don't really increase the dmg. if u have like 5 free minutes i could show u in game too so u see with ur eyes what i mean also if a lvl 100 learn sirocco do like the same dmg i do at lvl 160 tyvm