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A. Skills
B. Skills Description

A. Skills

Skill Name Requirments Teacher/Trainer Cost
Attack None LH - Murmuntag, Ortanalas
WH - Karl, Garnir
SS - Derran Ironstrife, Doremas
SC - Eldrig
10 train
Dodge None LH - Kalastor
WH - The Lurker
SS - Doremas, Baldric Silverknife
RD Woods - Morindin Arrowmist
SC - Mirymwen Featherfoot
10 train
Archery None LH - Kalastor, Ortanalas
WH - Karl
SS - Baldric Silverknife
RD Woods - Morindin Arrowmist
SC - Mirymwen Featherfoot
15 train
Stun Blow Lvl 3, 20 Agi & 25 Str LH - Jagar Kar (teach), Ortanalas (train)
WH - Arganor Iargh (teach), Garnir (train)
SS - Derran Ironstrife (train)
150 learn
20 train
Peek Lvl 5, 30 Agi LH - A Dark Figure (teach), Kalastor (train)
WH - The Lurker (train)
Arakas Thieves Town - Lyria (train)
SS - Baldric Silverknife (teach & train)
500 learn
25 train
Parry Lvl 10, 30 Agi & 20 Int WH - Arganor Iargh (teach), Garnir (train)
SS - Doremas (train)
RD Woods - Morindin Arrowmist (teach & train)
75 train
900 learn
Picklock Lvl 12, 40 Agi Arakas Thieves Town - Lyria (teach & train)
WH - The Lurker (train)
1600 learn
100 train
First Aid Lvl 12, 20 Int, 20 Wis RD Woods - Morindin Arrowmist (teach & train)
SH - Greenleaf Roen (teach & train)
1000 learn
30 train
Hide Lvl 13, 34 Agi, 20 Int SC Thieve's Hideout - Meltar Winterstorm (teach & train)
(You must first say "Hide" to Chryseida Yolangda)
1325 learn
25 train
Powerful Blow Lvl 15, 30 Agi & 50 Str LH - Jagar Kar (teach), Ortanalas (train)
WH - Arganor Iargh (teach), Garnir (train)
SS - Derran Ironstrife (train), Adriana (teach)
2500 learn
50 train
Meditate Lvl 16, 30 Int & 30 Wis Arakas Druids - Rainmist Lantalir (teach & train)
SC - Eldantor (teach & train)
3000 learn
100 train
Rob * Lvl 17, 50 Agi & 25 Peek skill SS - Baldric Silverknife (teach & train)
SC - Lightfoot Daran (teach & train)
5000 learn
250 train
Search Lvl 20, 25 Int SC - Chryseida Yolangda (teach & train) 2500 learn
50 train
Sneak Lvl 24, 75 Agi SC Thieves' Hideout - Dantalir the Bard (teach & train) 2500 learn
100 train
Armour Penetration Lvl 25, 40 Agi, 75 Str & 30 Int SS - Adriana (teach & train)
SC Thieve's Hideout - Rablek Swiftblade (teach & train)
7500 learn
300 train
Rapid Healing Lvl 30, 80 End Arakas - Mhorgwloth the Troll (teach & train)
SH Green Skraug - Worgwloth Trugg (teach & train)
5000 learn
200 train

* Minimum level requirements for skill "Rob" is level 17 but�.. Baldric Silverknife, skill teacher, resides at Silversky, so you cannot learn it until you can access Raven Dust (which is at 25th level of your character). Then again, if you have followed the good path, Baldric Silverknife won't talk to you until you are level 28�� so minimum level requirements are actually 28 for the ones that have followed the good path. Evil guys can still learn it at 25 level.

B. Skills Description

Attack (Passive): Determines whether a physical attack hits or misses.

Dodge (Passive): Determines whether a melee or ranged attack is avoided or not.

Archery (Passive): Determines whether an arrow hits or misses its target.

Stun Blow (Passive): Allows a character to temporarily disable his opponent with each physical strike.

Peek: Allows a character to glimpse at another character's inventory.

Parry (Passive): Allows a character to deflect physical attacks with his weapon.

Picklock: Allows a character to open a door or a chest by bypassing the lock mechanism.

First Aid: Allows a character to mend the physical injuries suffered during combat. Note that the skill can fail, worsening the wounds instead of healing them and that first aid cannot be performed on others.

Hide: Allows the character to hide itself from view or hide objects that are on the ground.

Powerful Blow (Passive): Increases the amount of damage done during physical combat.

Meditate: Increases character's ability to regain lost mana. Once initiated, the skill is effective until the character moves, attacks, casts a spell or perform any other action.

Rob: Allows a character to steal an object out of another character's inventory.

Search: Allows a character to find items or characters hidden in the surrounding area (hidden not invisible).

Sneak (Passive): Allows a hidden character to move around and remain hidden. If the skill fails, the character will become visible.

Armour Penetration (Passive): Allows a character to pinpoint the weak spot in his opponent's armor, thus reducing its effectiveness in absorbing damage.

Rapid Healing (Passive): Increases a character's ability to regenerate lost hit points.

Note: All skills max out at 100 except attack, dodge and archery